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Posted by on Dec 18, 2009

The Doc to The Stars

What kind of doctor has an agent in New York to negotiate his assignments with his celebrity patients?

Well, a doctor right here in Chicago, who might come in contact – literally — with more famous people each year than anyone in the industry. Chiropractor physician, Dr James Stoxen DC has become the in-demand backstage doctor when major touring acts hit Chicago. It means he spends a lot of late nights with a lot of famous people.

You may not have heard of him yet, but the top celebrities know him as “The Doc” and the “go-to” guy when they need to recover from road-weary aches and pains fast. In the last few years he’s provided care to more than 200 top entertainers, representing the “who’s who” of the Grammys, Tony Awards and top professional athletes.

He is hired by concert tours featuring such performers as The Wiggles, The Steely Dan Tour, Dancing with the Stars, Cirque du Soleil and even American Idols. All total he has collected over 125 “working” backstage assignments as the “go-to chiropractor” for the entertainment world.

What is it about this treatment that made him a guru of sorts all over the world? Most celebrity doctors are located in Hollywood, so is it location, location location? Not close. Stoxen’s practice, Team Doctors, is located at 6432 S. Pulaski is more like Holly-Hood than Holly-wood.

Stoxen developed a new model for the way doctors, coaches, athletes and their trainers look at the human body. He calls the body “The Amazing Human Spring,” he hypothesized that if enhancing spring energy through a training method called “Plyometrics” was the answer to elite level performance in sport. Maybe the loss of spring mechanics of the body was the reason for reduced performance, accelerated aging, fatigue, inability to heal leaving us in a state of chronic pain. He also developed a new approach in treatment and training that restores, strengthens and supercharges the spring mechanics back into the body.

Keep an eye out, you will be seeing more of this go-to guy!

Irene Michaels

Over the past 25 years I have taken on the roles of a producer, publisher, insider journalist and fundraiser. My artistic interests began early in my teens working as a model and a dancer throughout the U.S. I formed my first modeling agency before I was twenty. While modeling I secured a re-occurring role in the popular daytime TV series General Hospital. Read more…

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