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Posted by on Aug 23, 2016

Go Deep into Amazonian Underground – Episode 1 of The NuLatAm Sound

Go Deep into Amazonian Underground – Episode 1 of The NuLatAm Sound

ZZK Records just released the first full-length episode of their documentary series featuring underground Latin American music and culture, The NuLatAm Sound.  

This first episode shines a light on the burgeoning musical renaissance in Ecuador– from the Amazon to the Andes, into the Quito underground and down to the pacific coast– and introduces Mateo Kingman, whose debut album, Respira, was released on ZZK imprint AYA Records last week.

Kingman, 24, is a singer-songwriter of Ecuadorian- Amazonian music that fuses traditional Latin American sounds with hip-hop, rock, and pop. Respira is an energy overload that creates an intense sense of place, fusing electronic elements with organic sounds recorded by Kingman himself out in the jungle.

Sandra Trevino

Sandra Trevino

Sandra Trevino is a Chicago journalist and the founder of Enchufate, a website dedicated to all things Latin alternative. You can listen to her radio broadcasts every Friday morning on 91.1FM and the 2nd/4th Monday of the month via Lumpen Radio on 105.5FM. When she’s not writing or on the radio, you can find her playing music at different venues across the city as part of DJ duo The Ponderers.




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