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Posted by on Nov 3, 2014

Make Sure to Vote this Election Day!

Make Sure to Vote this Election Day!

With the advent of the 24-hour news cycle, it seems like we are always in the midst of an election. With President Obama’s second oath of office still echoing across Capitol Hill, commentators and pundits were already speculating about who would be running to replace him in 2016. With that sustained level of hype, it is little wonder that so many Americans are checking out of the electoral process altogether.

Voter turnout has been in steep decline in the United States. In 2010, only 37% of voting-age citizens bothered to cast a ballot. That is a huge problem for the world’s greatest democracy. When less than half of voters are actually voting, can we really say our leaders have much of a mandate to govern?

Voting is time-consuming. It forces people to miss work and break from their routines, all for the sake of ticking a box next to the name of a candidate they don’t really know and probably don’t trust. Many citizens have opted out of the system because they don’t trust it or don’t think it truly represents them or their interests. And in a lot of ways they are not wrong. Government, by both major parties, has let the American people down. Neither faction has been able to present a coherent plan for getting our country back on track to prosperity and growth. It is little surprise that people are upset.

But you should still vote. It may seem pointless or like a waste of time, but it is the one final power that all citizens share in this country. If you don’t vote, you lose all say in who governs you.

Voting is a true civic duty. It is the fundamental right that defines us as citizens. Don’t let apathy or anger stop you from going out and exercising that right and duty. It doesn’t matter which party you support, whether you’re a right-winger or a liberal, a free-marketer or a socialist. What matters is that you participate in the civic tradition that has defined our nation for more than 200 years.

So make sure to schedule some time on November 4th to cast your vote. It’s the American way.

John Engle

John Engle

John Engle is a merchant banker and author living in the Chicago area. His work has been featured by the Heartland Institute and the American Thinker. His first book, Trinity Student Pranks: A History of Mischief and Mayhem, was published in September 2013. John is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and the University of Oxford.

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