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Posted by on Mar 5, 2015

Beauty Tips and Tricks With Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur Janine Greff

Hi Friends and Readers,

Over the last year many of you have asked about make-up glamour and beauty tips. Therefore, I thought it would be enjoyable to introduce all of you to beauty and make-up consultant Janine Greff.

Janine has worked with top models, famous actors, business women and many others. She is the creator of Morpho Cosmetics, a line of Super Staying Lip products and her newly released Makeup After 40 DVD. Her Super Staying Lip Glosses and Lip Stains are my personal favorites. Please enjoy the short video and find out some her top beauty tips. You can get more info at and at

Good Summer to all of you,

Irene Michaels

Over the past 25 years I have taken on the roles of a producer, publisher, insider journalist and fundraiser. My artistic interests began early in my teens working as a model and a dancer throughout the U.S. I formed my first modeling agency before I was twenty. While modeling I secured a re-occurring role in the popular daytime TV series General Hospital. Read more…

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