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Posted by on Nov 22, 2014

New York, New York Doesn’t Welcome Welcome-Ambassador Swift

New York, New York Doesn’t Welcome Welcome-Ambassador Swift

When it comes to people’s feelings about Taylor Swift, there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. You either love her or hate her, and sometimes you might not even be sure which. (SNL did a pretty amazing job of summing up the predicament.)

This month it’s New Yorkers’ turn to hate on world’s bestselling mega-popstar of recent years. After being announced as the “Global Welcome Ambassador for the Big Apple,” Taylor Swift has come under fire from New York natives who seem to believe that Swift has no idea what she’s talking about when she describes her fantasy city, and Twitter is abuzz with criticism.

It makes sense that New Yorkers would question the decision to make its tourism ambassador someone who only just bought a home (and by that I mean a $19.9 million penthouse) in their city. Wouldn’t a veteran New Yorker such as the iconic Liza Minelli with an entire lifetime of fame and entertainment cred be a more appropriate pick? Or Alicia Keys, whose collaboration with Jay Z made “Empire State of Mind” an inspirational anthem for millions? Or as many others are suggesting, Jerry Seinfeld, who presented us with a much more realistic version of New York for almost a decade?

The New York Post points out a few good arguments in Swift’s favor, one of which is that she has a global presence right now—this moment—jet setting across continents for sold out performances and storming the Internet and televisions around the world with catchy tunes and clever marketing. And she’s honest about the fact that she’s new to The City That Never Sleeps, inviting tourists to discover the city alongside her. NYC native Billy Joel says to critics, “You snoots. Let her in. That’s what New York is all about. I say, ‘Welcome’.”

Whether you adore or abhor her, she’ll only be ambassador for a year. Who do you think should be next? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Taylor performs “Welcome to New York” on the Late Show

Leigh Johnson

Leigh Johnson

Leigh joined the team at I On The Scene after graduating with degrees in economics and political science from the University of Tennessee. She is currently writing a collection of humorous essays and preparing for the launch of Inkblot Design Studio, which will feature the photography and mixed media works of local artists as well as her own. Her hobbies include dancing Brazilian Zouk and traveling with friends.​

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