IOnTheScene at The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards

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Yay, Mickey.

One of the winners that stuck out in my mind at the Golden Globes was Mickey Rourke. He intrigued me. Mickey derives his inspiration from the past, yet he blames his tortured past on his step-dad. Perhaps because of his brutal youth the character that he brings to the screen in “The Wrestler” comes alive. “When I first read the script, I hated the character. I hated his guts, he was such a loser. It reminded me too much of myself before I went into therapy,” he said.

However, he added, “I was given a second chance after 13 years off screen.I paid the price for my misbehaving I am a different person now.”

Matter of fact, Mickey has just signed up to front a new crusade to spay and neuter pets. A champion for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. A big difference from the old days.


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