A Look at Men’s Fashion Week 2016

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The most happening week in fashion is right around the corner!

NY Fashion Week is all set up to showcase the top trends for the 2016 season. All of the freshest and most popular designers like Calvin Klein, Badgley Mishka, Diane Van Furstenburg, and Monique Lhullier will be displaying the must-have looks for the year. With preparations for the fashion shows already in full swing, celebrities, fashionistas, buyers, socialites, and journalists are set to witness the grand show.

I cannot help but wonder just what new and wondrous creations are going to be making a bang in the world of men’s fashion. Judging by the many catwalk shows I have witnessed, I predict a range of drastically daring colours and prints, and weird-shaped pants and jumpers (which may not work overly well in everyday life).

With my years of personal experience of the fashion world, I have developed a deep appreciation and adoration for easy and simply cut suits, sensible trousers, polo shirts, and plain cotton jumpers. These looks will never die. Others might view this as boring, but, if it didn’t work, would countless men still dress like that? Admittedly, leading fashion designers have tried to mix things up slightly with bright colours and patterns and bold uses of materials, but these ultimately only work in the world of cat-walks, celebrities, and fashion magazines.

It appears boring and rather monotonous but our love of the classic designs in those everlasting greys, blacks, and browns are some things that may never die. Wearing something so bright and outrageous does not mean you are losing out in the fashion races, or that you look like a grandpa. Rather, it is a timeless look, one that continues to be sported by some of the hottest men on the planet. Daniel Craig is just one example that springs to mind of someone who finds fashion in the classical look.

Smart suits and shirts for the workplace, jeans trousers and polo’s during the casual day,s and perhaps some linen trousers on weekends and vacations can will continue to do service in the wardrobes of fashionable men around the world for years to come. Best to leave the flashy pastels and avant-garde cuts to the catwalks.

About Suzanne Tripaldi

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