Anti-Cruelty Society’s Bark-B-Que Dog’s Party at Red Door Kitchen & Bar

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The Bucktown neighborhood was alive with all breeds barking on this sunny Sunday afternoon at the Red Door Kitchen and Bar. Dozens of dog owners and their furry four-legged best friends gathered for a wonderful fundraiser: the Anti-Cruelty Society’s Bark-B-Que party.  As Chicago’s biggest and oldest humane society, the Anti-Cruelty Society assists more than 50,000 pets and owners every year.     

Culinary Chef Troy Graves provided delicious hors d’oeuvres while Paradise 4 Paws provided canine pawdicures and comforting massages. The ambiance here was very friendly, relaxed, funny, and lent itself to a generous atmosphere where no one minded buying raffle tickets to support a remarkable organization. Sponsored by Chicago Veterinary Emergency Center and High Hopes Dog Treats, the event was a convincing success at raising awareness and much needed funds.  

Upcoming events include an educational open house on September 15th, highlighted by a bake sale which leads to “Cupcake Day” celebrated the next day, giving the dog enthusiasts community a chance to support the Anti-Cruelty Society by purchasing or baking cupcakes, cookies, etc. Followed by an adoption day event at the Anthropologie store (1548 N. Fremont) on September 20th.  Keep your calendars open for the “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” party on October 24th which promises to be a spectacular party at Galleria Marchetti.

With terrific support like this, tails should wagging for years to come!!  

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