How to Safely Visit a Hair Salon during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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How to Safely Visit a Hair Salon during the COVID-19 Pandemic, barely a few weeks ago, many of us had since accepted our looks with our lockdown manes. Others who had the luck of being skilled in DIY and the courage to place the fate of their hair in their own hands did what they could to stay stylish.

Now, however, states have raised restrictions allowing hair salons and other beauty services to reopen.

With the pandemic still lurking in the shadows, going in for a much-needed post-lockdown hair styling is a personal decision. We have put together all you need to know about how to safely visit a hair salon during COVID-19, including what to expect.

  • There are no guidelines in place from the CDC

Beauty services like hair salons depend on person-to-person touch. They are also considered a non-essential service, which is why salons stayed closed during the pandemic. While some states have had hair salons open since April it could be new for your state and the CDC is yet to provide any specific guidance for hair salons. The good news is, this is not such a bad thing as salons are being proactive and setting up measures themselves to ensure both staff and visitors feel safe. You can also lookup the helpful guidance from the CDC for ‘Deciding to go out’.

Meanwhile, other official organizations like the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) have also taken it upon themselves to provide guidelines for nail and hair salons.

Hair Salon during the COVID-19
  • You need to book an appointment

It’s both expected and common with hair salons reopening that you book an appointment online or over the phone. Customers can no longer come in off the street, as that would make it difficult for hair salons to follow-through with safety practices.

  • Come early and alone

Once you’ve booked your appointment you are required to come on time for the appointment and alone. Following the AIHA’s guidance, hair salons now strive to maintain a few customers at the shop at all times.

  • Be prepared for the new safety checks

While methods will differ across salons, you can expect new safety checks like temperature checks with no-contact equipment, compulsory use of face masks by both staff and visitors, questionnaires on your health and travel activities, frequent use of hand sanitizers, protective barriers, and social distancing.

  • There will be a first line of defense

Unfortunately, you won’t be waltzing over to your chair as you usually do. Rather, most salons have created the first line of defense at their reception or entry points to screen customers before they can meet with the stylists and get started on their service. You can call before your appointment to find out what safety measures your hair salon has in place for reopening.

  • Payment will be different

Cashless is how most beauty experts and salons prefer payment in these times. Depending on what your hair salon prefers, you will probably pay by card, an envelope given to you at the salon or other no-contact methods.

Finally, you can also expect there will be no more magazines to thumb through. But, you are sure to enjoy continuous and vigorous cleaning and the undivided attention of your stylist as they can only attend to one customer at a time.

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