Health and Happiness: A Winning Combination for Healthful Habits, Inc.

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Exploring vegetarian delightful dishes and blending them into a healthy lifestyle is the treasure people will discover when they encounter Healthful Habits Inc., owned and operated by Gloria Athanis and H.C. Choi (son of accomplished chef Dave Choi).


A plant-based, organic diet is the key component to a healthy lifestyle which is the foundation of H.H.I.’s philosophy. H.C. Choi’s innovative approach and ingenuity enabled the already successful business to branch out even further into other areas: Italian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern tastes and influence more people than ever before. H.C. Choi has nine years of experience serving customers in the Chicago area, after graduating from the University of Illinois and excelling as the head chef at the family’s much-acclaimed Amitabul restaurant. Whereas Gloria Athanis’ resume boasts an amazing 30-year media and marketing track record.

By coupling their extraordinary talents and producing several healthy lifestyle programs as well as featuring N.Y. Times best seller Dr. T. Colin Campbell, H.H.I. has created a winning formula which has proven to be a success for thousands appreciative clients nationwide…

Compliments to the chef!

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