A Merry Hilton Holiday in Aspen

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Over Christmas, I again made the trek to the Little Nell Hotel–a favorite celebrity hangout in Aspen, particularly during the holidays. Happy to have a pleasant, low key Christmas evening, Paris Hilton and I sat down by the fire to catch up. Paris’ home in LA is quite lovely and whimsical. She’s particularly proud of her lavish jewelry collection and takes new visitors to view and touch her display. You can guess the rest. Seems at a recent party, someone left that night with more than memories of a good time. Paris’ public image is contrary to what I know to be true. She’s open, gracious and generous to a fault. Sadly, she’s also a little too trusting. Paris had stopped over in Aspen with mom Kathy and sister Nicky on her way to Australia. There, she was being paid handsomely to attend an opening bash at a new disco. Boogie down, Paris!

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