History of the Hermès Kelly Bag and Grace Kelly

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Paris is home to the leading exponents of fashion since time out of mind, for this reason, the events that are iconic and references of fashion are celebrated several times a year in the City of Love.

The design house Hermès is well known in the world of fashion.


Many of the most recognized designers worldwide have been trained in this house. One of the designs of accessories that Hermès has housed is the manufacture of haute couture leather fashions.

Initially designed saddles and harnesses.

Hermès Kelly Bag and Grace Kelly
The Hermès brand has been synonymous with the equestrian sport since 1837 when it began as a saddle and harness maker.

Hermès has been dedicated since its inception to creating the most exclusive leather accessories to be used in various environments including saddles.

The brand ventured into the world of fashion.


This inspired the label to create products for personal use and venture into the world of fashion, this was undoubtedly an excellent decision as it is positioned as one of the best brands of fashion leather accessories.

The Hermès line has been dedicated for many years to haute couture, designing the most sought after accessories in the world, one of its most iconic items was the Kelly Bag.

The design of the Kelly Bag corresponds to that of a trapeze in which a pair of straps are attached, its preparation is completely manual and it can take up to 24 hours to assemble it completely.

Grace Kelly became a reference for the handbag.

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This famous bag, in the past, had another name, that of Sac à dépêches, and it was for a long time, until one day, the well-known actress, who would become monarch, Grace Kelly, wore this creation during the filming of one of her films; however, the fame of the bag grew when Grace Kelly was seen by some photographers months after having used it in the film.

Due to the enormous impact that the photographs caused, the actress and monarch Grace Kelly became a reference for this piece of the Hermès brand, so much so that the accessory is known as Kelly Bag, leaving behind the name for which it was originally known.

In this Jan. 5, 1956 file photo actress Grace Kelly sports a Hermès bag as she and Prince Rainier III of Monaco leave a luncheon party in Philadelphia where they announced their engagement. The status handbag market is driven by celebrity trendsetters such as, more recently, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, and now some big auction houses are getting in on the act. The style of handbag favored by Kelly came to be known as a “Kelly Bag.”. (Right) Vintage Black Box Kelly Sellier 32.

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