How to Fix At-Home Hair Color Mistakes

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How to fix at-home hair color mistakes, if there’s one thing being cooped up at home that didn’t help with its hair troubles. Without the help of your professional stylist, it’s easy to want to take things into your own unsteady hands. And before you know it, you are armed with a pair of gloves and a box of dye. What could go wrong?

If you’ve fallen for any common at-home hair color mistakes, you’ll be glad to know fixing it can be easy too. So, take a deep breath and find your fix among these below.

  1. Ashy hair trouble

You were aiming for the perfect blonde but ended up getting an ashy tone. Celerity Colorist, George Papanikolas explains why this happens, “If the blonde gets too ashy, it’s usually the result of the toner being left on too long, or the underlying hair color being lifted very light, and the toner not having enough yellow to balance it out,”

To fix this problem at home, try washing your hair a few times and use clarifying shampoo if you have breakage. If that doesn’t work, try an at-home gloss. Use light golden-blond gloss if you have blonde hair and dark golden-blond gloss if you have medium-brown hair.

  1. Blonde looking yellow hair trouble

Yes, it’s one of the worst. This mistake happens when you wash out the blonde dye before it’s done developing.

Thankfully, you can fix this using a toner or purple shampoo. The purple shampoo neutralizes the yellow as it’s opposite it on the color wheel. But use this fix carefully to avoid yet another mistake of gray or violet highlights.

  1. Roots don’t match the ends or the body of your hair

It looks bad when the roots don’t match, but it’s not the end of the world. The reason for this could be using a color lighter than your previous coloring. Experts will say you can’t dye your hair lighter than the previous coloring. You can only go darker or maintain the same level of color.

The best fix is to darken the roots of your hair to balance up. You can also use gloss or leave the fixing to your stylist.

  1. When it comes out too dark

While the darker shade might not be what you wanted, it will have to do for now. Darker shades at-home hair color mistakes can’t be fixed with more products. “That’s going into a corrective color situation. Better to just leave it alone instead of trying to lighten it, it’ll fade in a few weeks. If you try to lighten it, it WILL turn orange or red.” Rita Hazan, Hair Colorist, and Owner of Rita Hazan Salon in New York explained.

  1. The orange and brassy look

To tone down a brassy shade, you can use a purple-tinted hair treatment. Also, while brown brunettes can use a green-hued formula for their fix, light brunettes can use a blue-hued formula.

When fixing your at-home hair color mistakes, be careful not to be heavy-handed on products. If you can get professional help, do so quickly and be free of your mistakes.

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