Kim and Kris Take a Bite of the Big Apple

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The “Capitale” on Bowery St. was the site for New York city’s glamorous, elite jet set who rolled out the red carpet Wednesday night August 30th for Kim and Kris with a glittering social spectacular orchestrated by none other than Jason Binn and Colin Cowie.

A magical evening came to life in a color scheme of black, white, and chartreuse. Over 2,000 fans were charmed in a decor described as modern, sexy, and chic complete with a very talented, scantily clad female playing the violin.

The spotlight shined on Kim and Kris, who were the guests of honor for this extraordinary celebration and were treated as Royalty for this sparkling event. More gorgeous in person than on film, Kris was friendly, approachable, and sincere; whereas her significant other appeared to be tall, handsome, yet very shy and somewhat reclusive.

As a world renowned event planner, author, and T.V. personality, Colin Cowie did not disappoint a single soul of these dedicated followers in the crowd which included some of our local Chicago people who were invited to participate in the evening’s happenings…

Standing out in the crowd were Brian Atwood, Lizzie Grubman, Greta Van Susteren, Chris Nirschel, Joe Zee and many more.
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