National Hellenic Museum’s Ambrosia Ball at the Palmer House Hotel

The Grand Ballroom of the Palmer House Hotel was the marvelous location which was magically transformed into an exciting wonderland, resembling ancient Greece, in honor of the National Hellenic Museum’s 30th anniversary. The annual Ambrosia Ball is steeped in Greek history, tradition, and customs dating back hundreds of years. In honor of the legendary Greek God Dionysus, this festive Greek carnival season is essentially a significant three week time period preceding the Lenten season, accenting revelry and mischief, while involving costumes and folklore.

The Palmer House remarkably captured the essence of ancient Greece, while indulging guests in exquisite food and drink. Lively D.J. John Grammatis, Public i, and the Orpheus Dance Troupe provided vibrant music and kept the privileged guests entertained all night.

Congratulations to Ambrosia Ball Chairpersons Dr. and Mrs. George Korkos, along with Honorary Chair George Stephanopoulos for coordinating such an extraordinary event!!

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