Segera Retreat

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Segera sits proudly in the heart of Laikipia Plateau, north of the equator in Kenya, with six timber and thatch villas. It offers breathtaking sights, tranquility, wildlife viewing, and a luxurious experience ideal for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or personal adventure. It serves my Kenya safari in every way.


Unique location

The top features of a great retreat include its location. Segera is set in the wooded savannah and grasslands of Laikipia plateau. This location is home to a wide variety of wildlife and plant life which guarantees exotic game viewing and thrilling glimpses.  Segera serves as a migration path for elephants and other animals. It is a sanctuary for lions, tigers, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, and more. Over 365 bird species have been recorded in the Laikipia area. Hence, bird sightings on Segera include species like European roller, corncrake, sooty falcon, pallid harrier, red-footed falcon, and lesser kestrel. Other species include reptiles, insects, and giraffe. All creatures roam freely and safely giving you the true safari experience.

Segera Accommodations

Timber and thatch villas are not something you get to see every day or enjoy living in them. These luxuriously built and decorated villas sit on wooden platforms above a lush garden giving guests a sweeping view of the area. Swing beds on the accommodation provide a cool space to relax during midday or at night under the stars, while surrounded by the pure sounds of nature. There’s a private sun deck, Jacuzzi bath, art-inspired décor, pool, spa, gym, and outdoor dining area. A lot of attractions are set under the African sun and amongst the wildlife.

Activities to Love

You can expect to be highly engaged with exciting luxurious and private activities. Segera offers guests a villa attendant with whom to plan your day and tailor everything to your specific preferences. Most of the fun and appealing luxurious activities include excursions, day and night game drives with experienced guides, camel walks, a tour in the botanical garden, picnics, guided walks, sleep outs, lookouts points, and family activities. Time out at the gym or spa, and much more. Segera is a beautiful African wilderness offering a whole world of memories beyond the excellent settings of your villas.


The menu at Segera is highly personalized and complete with seasonal allergy-free dishes. The ingredients are sourced fresh using home-grown, organic and free-range ingredients and the chefs cater to all eaters.




Every retreat brings with it something special and the drive towards a holistic approach to wellness is an important part of Segera. This retreat can be your place for spiritual reflection, fun, adventure, and investment in wellness all under a revitalizing and authentic safari experience. I genuinely love the very idea of it.

I would like to thank Tim Lapage and everyone at Safari Experts of Park City, Utah for their assistance in planning this Kenya Safari. It has been more than I could hope for.


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