Sundance Film Festival 2017

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We all love film festivals and there are many reasons for it, one of the most prominent of those reasons is the joy and happiness those film festivals bring alongside them. The perfect idea of having a festival is to actually express yourself in different ways. The Sundance Film Festival is one of those events you definitely would like to be a part of and it is going to have a span from an Anti-Trump Protests to Australian Virtual Reality.


The Sundance Film Festival is back in Park City on January 19th to 29th. The festival is truly promising because different actors and producers are also going to be a part of it as the proceedings start from January 19th. For two hours, superstars will join the group and their sister in the capital of the country to voice out attentiveness toward human specifically women rights – a range where the president-elect is exceptionally condemned for. As we speak, Facebook pages are already creating hype and bringing this into the eyes of many other people around the globe. For a considerable length of time, the Sundance Film Festival has been an indispensable springboard for autonomous narrating. This year it is going to bring back the same theme as well. But what else can you expect this year? This might be the next question coming up in your mind. There is going to be a lot of coverage at the Independent and it will happen throughout the festival for ten long days.

Sundance Film Festival

This year there is a huge list of the films that are going to be covered and just to save time and for the people to get ready their details are online already. We would love to give you the names of the five most prominent ones we are going to have. Band-Aid, is the musical that is something the festival has a history of. City of Ghosts is another noticeable name that is a documentary about a modest bunch of unknown activists who gather as one after their country is assumed to control by ISIS. The Discovery is another beauty that concentrates on the provocative story that envisions a world in which life following a death has deductively been demonstrated. Mudbound brings a story that revolves around who return to their homeland after WWII. The final highlight we’d like to give you is about Wind River. It consists of a riddle rotating around the disclosure of a dead body on a Wyoming Reservation at the pinnacle of a cruel winter. With many other names falling in line, The Sundance Film Festival is definitely something you should mark on your calendar.

Sundance Film Festival
City of Ghosts

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