The Rat Pack to Britney Spears – A History of Entertainers on the Las Vegas Strip

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One of the many things that people think about when they hear the name Las Vegas is its casino culture. But as people now choose to play online casino games at instead, Vegas has diversified in order to draw in the punters. As a result it has really focussed on its other forms of entertainment, in particularly music. Some of the world’s top stars have performed there – but this musical link hasn’t always been so strong. It was only really in the early 1960s that it started, during the residency of the Rat Pack, led by the legendary Frank Sinatra. In the period when the Sands was Sinatra’s playground, Las Vegas was considered a genuinely cool place to spend time – something that was partly down to the image of the Rat Pack and partly down to the lingering outlaw cool of its organised crime associations.

Las Vegas continued to be a musical Mecca for many stars in later decades, but from Liberace in the 1970s and 80s, to the likes of Celine Dion and Elton John on the Colosseum stage at Caesar’s Palace, the Las Vegas music scene became about mainstream success and nostalgia, rather than cutting edge music. However the notion that performing in Las Vegas is for the washed-up is belied by the huge sums offered to stars to appear there – for instance the $15 million earned by Britney Spearsfor her two-year stint at Planet Hollywood. Really Las Vegas is for the rarefied music performers able to command top dollar prices in 2014, and there are always other options there if you want the cutting edge.

The Strip where all the big name casino complexes can be found will provide you with real edge-of-the-seat excitement and with many of the music shows actually taking place in a casino, you can enjoy both in the one venue. Indeed there aren’t many types of entertainment – from dining in a restaurant, watching live sports or dancing the night away in a nightclub – that you can’t enjoy in a casino complex on the Vegas Strip, which is why it is the first place that so many visitors to the city head to. This means that Sin City remains very much a resort with something to offer everyone – even people looking to get married (as long as you don’t mind Elvis performing the ceremony).

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