Three Strange Holiday Traditions from Around the World

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Tió, which originates from Catalan. It comprises of creating a small character out of a log, but the most notable features are the smiley faces and hats and it resides on the dining room table for a fortnight leading up to Christmas. Now this is the strange part, the log/ character has to be fed a daily dose of fruit, nuts and sweets up until Christmas eve. At this point the family will beat the log with sticks and sing traditional Christmas songs to encourage the log to clear itself of the treats it has eaten.

Tió logs from Catalan

You might think that roller blades are a great gift for Christmas. Now you would be even more correct because in Caracas (Venezuela), they clear some of the streets so that locals can roller blade to early morning church services throughout the festive period.

Roller Blading their way from A to B

Finally, Ukranians dress their Christmas trees with an artificial spider web for good luck. The belief is that a poor woman wasn’t able to decorate her tree one year, but when she woke up in the morning spiders had made a dazzling web which covered her tree making it look beautiful.

Spider Webs Bringing luck to Ukranians

So there you have it, now back to the more traditional activities like carolling, drinks parties and woolly sweaters!



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