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Posted by on May 5, 2015

World Sport Chicago Spin to Break the Cycle of Violence

World Sport Chicago Spin to Break the Cycle of Violence

Chicago, known for its beautiful downtown skyline, lakefront, fine dining, cultural richness in the arts, and its diverse sense of community, has sadly been challenged over the past decade in trying to keep its reputation as a world-class city. While an estimated 50 schools were being closed down, an alarming rise in gang violence and slain children in the streets of Chicago skyrocketed to record numbers. Instead of hearing Frank Sinatra crooning the catchy tune Chicago Is My Kind Of Town that once made every native Chicagoan feel so proud, the sound of semi-automatic weapons ring in the distance for many residents of the Windy City, replacing city pride with fear in a town now known as Chiraq.

While many high profile natives of Chicago cover their eyes and turn their backs on the bloodshed, individuals like sports attorney Kam Buckner put into action a plan for the youth of Chicago to see beyond the circumstances. I had the honor to attend the World Sport event Saturday at the House of Blues to discuss with Buckner his mission. Realizing he cannot stop the terror on the innocent lives of children around the city, Buckner took on the role of Executive Director at World Sport in January of 2015, providing children with the tools and exposure to vehicles that will guide them to new ideas, new concepts, and a new reality. Though World Sport has been around for seven years, it was not until 2015 that the vision of the organization started circulating around town.

Lined with 100 cycles on the dance floor and the stage of the popular House of Blues, Chicagoans of all cultural backgrounds from the north side, south side, west side, and downtown gathered in their work-out gear to participate in the spin challenge, raising money and awareness to save the lives of youth in their city. Every hour from 8a.m. to 6p.m. a new spin instructor and a new group of spinners took the challenge. Filled with high energy, excitement, music, and passion for a great cause, the event also provided an endless buffet of food and beverages for its participants along with complimentary spa services from the Chicago Recovery Room and the Fitness Formula Club to receive massages after the challenge. NBC Channel 5 News, along with former Chicago Bear Rashied Davis, lent their celebrity as well as their inspiration to join the fight.

Buckner and the World Sport team hope that by putting on a well-organized event, it will gain momentum, and more importantly awareness around the country. With Spike Lee’s event scheduled later that same night just west of the House of Blues, I On The Scene asked Buckner for his views on Lee coming to Chicago to shoot the controversial film Chiraq. Buckner stated he supports the efforts of anyone simply trying to bring awareness to the crisis. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, however, does not want Lee to title the film Chiraq out of fear the city will develop a reputation of violence as opposed to great theater and delicious stuffed pizza. Bucker understands the perspective of both Lee and Mayor Emmanuel, but his mission for World Sport is clear. Something has to be done…and now.

Meleika Gardner

Meleika Gardner

Recognizing that people are struggling in life, Meleika Gardner provides inspiration and a welcoming distraction that goes beyond the glitz and glamour of the rich and powerful to fearlessly report…the real. Prior to branching off on her own as an independent writer, she held a staff editorial position for The Guardian Liberty Voice online news publication. Having been immersed in the good, the bad, and the ugly of the business world as well as the Hollywood music, film, and television scene for many years, readers look forward to Meleika’s fresh perspective.

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