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Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care

Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care

  Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care was created because your hoofed buddies can get an injury from time to time, and when they do, you would want to provide them with the best care. Let’s take a look at it now, shall we? Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care is an …

Fox Hunting Traditions

The Blessing of the Hounds & Fox Hunting Traditions

The Blessing of the Hounds opens the season on September 29th this year, and it is sure to draw a considerable crowd of excited onlookers, just as it does every year. Wayne, Illinois is a small village nestled about 40 miles west of Chicago.

Hampton Classic 2021

The Hampton Classic 2021

The Hampton Classic 2021 has long set itself apart as one of the largest horse shows in the United States. Every year for over the last 40 years, the event has top equestrians from around the world compete for more than $800,000 in prize money. “What’s new is that we’re …

Safestyle Stirrups Review

Safestyle Stirrups Review

  This Safestyle Stirrups Review is one of such safety stirrups and we’ll give some insight into this product. If you’ve heard the horror stories, you’ll agree that safety stirrups should be a thing. No one wants to go through the pain and trauma of having their foot caught in …

Equestrian Instagram Accounts

Equestrian Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

Next to dogs; horses are a strong contender in line for the title of “man’s best friend” and it’s no wonder why. From the conquests of Genghis Khan to Julius Caesar’s famous campaigns to Napoleon’s wars to the rise of the British Empire, and even in good old Texas of …

Horse Diet: Ration Balancer Explained

Have you come to the point where it seems a diet of hay or pasture grasses is no longer sufficient for your horse? Since you can’t always take your hay to the lab, you can take advantage of a recent and potent solution known as Ration Balancer. Don’t panic because this …

Build Trust with Horse

Build Trust with Your Horse

  Build Trust with Your Horse, when it comes to building trust or bonding with others like yourself, it can be a bit easier because you already know what it’s like to be human. With your hoofed friend, it’s different and for some moments you will have to try to …

Braiding Your Horse

Staying Warm When Braiding Your Horse in the Cold

At one point or the other, every horse owner will be faced with the situation of braiding your horse in the cold. But when you finally take that step without ample preparation, you can easily be hit back with the cold and realization that your fingers won’t work as well. …

Owning a horse

The Cost of Owning a Horse

  Few realize that the costs of owning a horse can come across as expensive, but, when we all see these majestic creatures trotting about, children often see horses in a book or in the countryside, and before you know it, they want one. Horses are indeed fascinating animals, and …

Alternatives to Horse Ownership

Alternatives to Horse Ownership

There are various suitable alternatives to horse ownership. Owning a horse can indeed be exciting, but not having the finances shouldn’t put an end to your or your child’s wishes.  See what’s best for you and use it. Co-ownership If you can’t take on the cost of buying and caring …