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Irene Michaels

Beauty & Luxury Lifestyle Expert

The “I” in I On The Scene – that’s me. Irene Michaels. I started I On The Scene in 2008 and now we have a team of over 50 contributors and other professionals working for our loyal readers.

As an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and accomplished equestrian, I have prioritized leading an active and healthy lifestyle. This ultimately led me to develop I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels™, an anti-aging skin care product line.

I enjoy spending time with my animals, whether at home or in my barn. I have earned my Colors, a great honor in the equestrian community for demonstrating consistency and exceptionalism in riding. This distinction enables me to ride in prestigious hunts globally.

Early Career & Accomplishments

I began my long-running entertainment career when I was only 11 years old as a dancer, my lifelong passion, and then transitioned into modeling. Ultimately I became an actress and landed a recurring role on General Hospital, a popular daytime series. This experience enabled me to produce and write for myself.

I have also appeared in several feature films and on stage in various theater productions. My career later shifted from working in front of the camera to being an entrepreneur and producer behind the camera. I formed two productions companies that produced promotional events for corporations, hotels, and convention centers. In addition, I built the Showtime modeling agency from the ground up and managed to keep it running flawlessly for over two decades.

One of the peak moments in my career began when I created my signature brand, “I On…”. The first to come was I On The Scene, a website directly linked to numerous opportunities, including a cover story for Resident Magazine.

These accomplishments allowed me to become a regular contributor to HuffPost in multiple sections, including Beauty, Lifestyle, and Post 50.

The “I On…” Brand

Founder of I On The Scene

I On The Scene is an exclusive website dedicated to Beauty & Luxury Lifestyle that provides engaging entertainment, culture, and fashion content to readers worldwide. I On The Scene has been giving entertainment fans the full scoop on events since 2008, when it made its first debut on the internet.

Creator of I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels™

I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels™ is a skincare product line that checks all of the boxes to keep the skin looking healthy and youthful. With hyaluronic acid being the main active ingredient in the Roll-On Serum, my customers can experience visible results with regular use, and it is paraben-free.

Author of I On Beauty – Living Beautifully & Luxuriously Beyond 50

In the Fall of 2020, Irene’s debut book, I On Beauty – Living Beautifully and Luxuriously Beyond 50, was released, climbing to International Bestseller Status in 7 countries and 4 Beauty and Lifestyle Categories.

Irene Michaels has spent a lifetime building one success upon another—as a dancer, actress, model, owner of a modeling agency, entrepreneur, producer, beauty and luxury lifestyle expert with a widely read website since 2008, and founder of her signature brand, “I On . . . ,” through which she has offered her highly regarded anti-aging skincare collection, I On Youth by Irene Michaels™. Resilience brought her back from an accident that could have been the end of her career at a young age, and boundless enthusiasm for making the most of every day has kept her far younger than her years. A lifelong equestrian, she has surrounded herself with the love of her many animal friends, who add immeasurable joy to her life. Irene brings her readers insights from a life well-lived along with myriad secrets and tips for always keeping up a youthful appearance and heart.


Charitable Affiliations

Throughout all of my years of success and accomplishments, I have found repose in the act of being involved in charitable organizations. As a result, I am currently an active participant in several charities.

Some of the organizations that I align myself with include Horses Without Humans, PAWS Chicago, La Rabida Children’s Hospital, Chicago Historical Society, Better Boys Foundation, Theater School of DePaul, Joffrey Circle, Gary Sinise Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, and Friends of Conservation among others.