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Autumn Brings Beauty to these Must Visit European Destinations

Europe is a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year, but certain months are absolutely breathtaking in some of the cities in that area of the world.  As an added bonus, travelers won’t experience as many crowds when they choose to visit during the cooler months of …

Top 5 Fall Foliage Travel Destinations

  Fаll foliage iѕ one оf nаturе’ѕ spectaculars, аnd it hарреnѕ еvеrу уеаr.  Aѕ fаll destinations gо it contains a grеаtеr vаriеtу than mоѕt in terms оf ѕightѕ tо ѕее аnd experiences to rеmеmbеr for a lifеtimе: hеrе аrе thе Tор 5 Fall Fоliаgе Trаvеl Destinations.   Fаll Fоliаgе in …


My Experience at The Blessing of The Hounds By Irene Michaels

Exhilarating, Demanding and Magnificent. These are the words to describe the Blessing of the Hounds. Every time I go to the barn and prepare for a hunt I feel excitement. Each time is like the first time I ever rode. The beauty of the countryside, the hounds and the camaraderie between the riders warms …

Anti-aging benefits of pets

I ON BEAUTY: Anti-aging Benefits of Pet Ownership

Increased Activity If you’re looking for an excuse to exercise, adopt a dog! Not only do our fur-kids require regular walks, they make outdoor games fun! In fact, there have been studies showing a significant increase in walking among pet owners. Around ¾ of dog owners have spent their time …

woman with dog

Rapamycin for Anti-Aging in Dogs, Humans Next???

Aging is one of the facts of life, but it seems that nobody wants to accept that. Before people were turning towards alchemy and elixirs of life, and now its science. And from the looks it, science just might have a solution. Rapamycin is a drug given to people who …

Poodle on train

5 Steps to Traveling Successfully with Your Dog

If you are like most people, you love your dog as much as you love your kids and your significant other. Therefore, it is not too surprising that you want to take them with you when you travel.  After all, you know that they would not be as happy if you …

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5 Trends That Owned the Runway of Paris Fashion Week

Not so long ago, the bright and alive city of Paris has been having a glamorous blast. Yes, we are talking about the Paris Fashion Week of 2019. The show was a huge success and everyone that attended the event left it with a baffled mind, due to mind-blowing and …

5 Styling Tips From The Designers In Paris Fashion Week

As everybody in the fashion is aware of, the lively city of Paris has been keeping well in touch with its glamour and fashion side. That’s right, we are referring to the Paris Fashion Week of 2019 that took place not a very long while ago.

5 Styling Tips From The Designers In The Milan Fashion Week

The bright and the fashionably alive city of Milan, has just recently finished partying, with the Milan Fashion Week of the year 2019 coming to a fabulous blast.

5 Trends That Owned the Runway of Milan Fashion Week

The capital of fashion and design in Italy, the glamorous city of Milan has been keeping up to its fashion and glam reputation lately, what with the 2019 Milan Fashion Week going on.