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I ON BEAUTY Chapter 31: Natural Health Remedies to Reverse Aging

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I On Fashion: Top 5 Highlights from New York Fashion Week

Magical Marriage Moments

During a trip to Venice, while sitting in a beautiful gondola on our way to dinner, my now husband Arny turned to me suddenly and asked, “How would you like to get married?”

I ON BEAUTY Chapter 28: Understanding Your Skin’s pH Balancing Act

Experts know that a fundamental secret of flawless skin lies in its delicately balanced pH level. Learn how to protect it here.

I ON BEAUTY Chapter 27: The Secret To Looking Refreshed After an All-nighter

When life gets in the way of pillow-time, we’re left with dark circles and puffiness around the eyes and dull skin the following day. So how can we avoid looking like zombies?

I ON BEAUTY Chapter 26: Sleep Like a Baby for Better Skin


Jean Shafiroff is an extraordinary humanitarian. A commanding figure in the New York city social scene, Shafiroff dedicates long hours to philanthropic work. Whether she’s advocating an underserved issue, organizing support for a fundraiser, or giving generously of her own finances, Shafiroff harnesses the power of social influence for the …

I ON THE OSCARS: All About The 89th Academy Awards

It was back in 1927 that one of Hollywood’s most influential movie-makers, Louis B. Mayer, decided to create a group that would organize in benefit of the film industry. It’s 2017, and tonight we just celebrated the 89th inception of Mayer’s idea known as the Academy Awards. This was one of the most …