Farmers Almanac’s Polar Coaster Prediction

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As fall rolls in and winter come closer, everyone might wonder what the upcoming cold months have in store. This is where Farmer’s Almanac comes in as they always have for several years now.

Farmers Almanac predicts what they have nicknamed a ‘polar coaster’ season. Yes, nothing good about that name. They say the coming winter for those in the United States will be freezing, frigid, and frosty.

In fact, in the very words of Farmers Almanac’s Editor and Philom Peter Geiger “Our extended forecast is calling for yet another freezing, frigid, and frosty winter for two-thirds of the country,”

If you are equally wondering how the accurate nickname, ‘polar coaster’ was coined, it comes from the predicted ups and downs on the thermometer for winter. Winter is set to begin by the end of January and according to Farmers Almanac’s, most of the snowfall will occur in the East of the Rockies and towards the Appalachians. They also say that these patterns will come through the Southeast and potentially cause rain. Of course, this means more freezing temperatures.

Last year, it was predicted that winter would be a long and cold ride. This forecast turned out to be accurate.

Ice on the surface of Chicago’s Burnham Harbor during winter.

 What is Farmers Almanac?

Farmers Almanac consistently provides 16 months of the weather forecast for a total of seven zones across the United States and Canada. Apart from being a trusted source of weather predictions for whole seasons, they are also a dependable guide for choosing travel destinations with great weather.

Why trust what they say?

Almanac is over 200 years old and their predictions always trend right around this time of the year. You may ask if you should take this year’s forecast to heart. Here are words from Dave Hennen,

“It’s difficult enough to do a five-day forecast,” Dave Hennen, senior meteorologist and executive producer for CNN Weather, said in 2016.

“We’re really good at the day of and the next day, (and) we’re better at a temperature a way out than precipitation. But to forecast out that far in advance … even the science behind our long-range forecasting is sometimes not that solid.”

What does this prediction mean for spring?

A polar coaster winter season means a slow start for spring. Farmers Almanac also says that those in the Midwest, Northeast, Great Lakes, and New England should expect winter to stay longer than usual.

In their words,

“Occasional wet snow and unseasonably chilly conditions will hang on for a ride that you may not be able to get off until April.”


Any exceptions?

According to the Almanac’s forecast, the Western third of the country will experience normal temperatures.

We think it’s safe to stay prepared for the worst then. Hopefully, the polar coaster might not be such a wild ride.



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