My Horse’s Favorite Treats

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As an owner, you want to spoil your horse when you can and you must ensure that what you feed your hoofed friend is safe and healthy and not to mention tasty. No two horses are the same, and this means they also have different preferences to treats and what they consider tasty. To save you the time and unsavory experience of feeding your horse something they might hate, here are my all-time favorite horse treats with safe, tasty, and healthy qualities in one package.

Mint The German Minty Muffins All Natural Horse Treat

This an awesome, wholesome treat is made from only natural ingredients. Each piece has a dark, rich outer body with a sweet candy center. Part of the ingredients is real peppermint oil. It sounds yummy and tastes that way too. Mint The German Minty Muffins All Natural Horse Treat can be used as a training aid (what horse wouldn’t stay cute and obedient when the rewards are worth every minute)

Pastures Horse Cookies 

Talk of an award-winning horse treats for your favorite companion. Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies is recognized as America’s #1 horse treat. It was also chosen as the top in “Product of the Year” John Lyons’ Perfect Horse and Michael Plumb’s Horse Journal. It is made from all-natural ingredients including oats, cane molasses, bran, wheat, and fresh apples.

Cowgirl’s Kitchen CASSINO’S KISSES All Natural Gourmet Horse Treats

The words are moist, delicious, colorful, long-lasting, all-natural, and homemade. It is the treat to keep in stock for your horse. The recipe is purposeful and guaranteed to keep your horse licking your face in joy or giving a joyful trot–whatever works for your exciting moments!


Sometimes you can tell a great product just by its name. Nickerdoodles sounds like a tasty chewy horse treat. It is a quality treat hand made by horse lovers with natural ingredients. The company is veteran-owned and family operated. The treat is soft and digestible. It’s even a great way to slip your equine friend their medication. The ingredients are only six and they are wheat bran, Oats, Molasses, Barley, Corn, Flaxseed.

Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball Apple Flavored Treats For Horses

Horse treat and a toy in one package are what Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball Apple Flavored Treats For Horses offers. It is manufactured to offer specific nutrients to your equine friend. It contains minerals, vitamins, and more to keep your horse healthy. It’s a safe toy that can keep your hose busy trying to lick or grab the treat. Fun and tasty should come together more often, don’t you agree?

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