I ON THE OSCARS: All About The 89th Academy Awards

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It was back in 1927 that one of Hollywood’s most influential movie-makers, Louis B. Mayer, decided to create a group that would organize in benefit of the film industry. It’s 2017, and tonight we just celebrated the 89th inception of Mayer’s idea known as the Academy Awards. This was one of the most interesting Oscars I’ve ever attended. Not only did it make history with its diversity of nominations it also made live television history for having one of the most chaotic endings I’ve ever witnessed.

In many aspects, this season’s showcase proved historic as nominations were markedly more diverse. However, as comes with the territory, it takes so long to create any kind of transformation that it sometimes feels like there’s no impact. So, it’s obvious to see why these types of celebrations would be critiqued for their lack of diversity. Perhaps, changes have started to happen in response to the negative backlash associated with the lack of equal representation on screen. At the Oscars, positive things were happening and it was quickly trending as historic due to its nominations.

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