Rhythm of the Runway: The Sounds of New York Fashion Week 2015

It’s not just the bold or intentionally subtle and simple outfits that propel models down the runway at fashion events; music plays an equally driving and influential component, as well. Big names may ultimately rule the scenes and earnings, but there are plenty of talented and innovative small-scale brands that are just as worthwhile, and this rings true with music played through these events’ airwaves and beyond.

Artists may set out with ambitions to go as hard and far as they possibly can, but not everyone is destined to be in the spotlight 24/7, and they don’t have to in order to be successful and significant. Many may argue that musicians and models have nothing in common, but here’s a breakdown that proves otherwise: musicians go through rigorous regimens to prepare for events large and small, and those often include extensive touring—they practice, they organize, they tightly hone in on their craft. When it comes to the actual performance, many put some thought into what they wear on stage (and if it pertains, the makeup—type and quantity—applied), even if it makes no sense to the audience—recall the “open to interpretation” sentiment!

Granted, most don’t have assistants to heighten their beauty and showiness, but it’s safe to assert that most musicians care enough about their presentation to put some thought and effort into it beforehand. There’s also a high likelihood that their attire complements and aligns their music in some way, sequentially formulating a complete and quintessential package (or brand, from a keener marketing perspective). Much like models showcasing the latest pieces, styles and brands, musicians can inspire those in their surroundings to succumb to authenticity and what truly makes their constituents happiest and most like themselves. This may require some experimentation—you’re never too old or too young to wear something or listen to something that may otherwise be out of your comfort zone—but everything comes full-circle eventually.

Much like models and musicians often are under the radar, but very well on the cusp of breakout success, so are some of the highlighted designers of New York Fashion Week. For example, Tanya Taylor was recently awarded the Woolmark Prize, a reputable and historically influential design competition featuring emerging designers that is attributed to the rise in Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent’s careers. In addition, Rosie Assoulin recently won the CFDA Swarovski award and has the ability to create anything and everyone capable of oozing Hollywood elegance, and Jeremy Scott, who has collaborated with Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and concocted high-fashion pieces with controversial brands like McDonald’s and Barbie, has proven that staying true to one’s aesthetic and vision breeds success in the most empowering way.


The point is, no matter where you fall on the spectrum, you’re a human like everyone else is, and so are the people who inspire you. Different art forms will always have elements that allow themselves to stand out, but in the grand scheme of life and synergy, there will also always be parallelisms present.

The playlist below was generated through the ears of an indie rock/alt/new wave/electro aficionado fully immersed in her headphones and neighboring niches. It is her hope that if these artists are unfamiliar, they will soon become household favorites. Find your rhythm, and then trustingly traipse down that runway!


  • Never Work For Free: Tennis
  • Lost Kitten: Metric
  • Digital Witness: St. Vincent
  • Lonely Eyes: Milo Greene
  • Know Me: Frankie Rose
  • Dancehall Domine: The New Pornographers
  • Lipstick: Ariel Pink
  • Name on a Matchbook: Springtime Carnivore
  • Delilah: Florence + the Machine
  • Close Up: Peaches ft. Kim Gordon
  • Waste Your Time: Ex Hex
  • Nothing But Trouble: Phantogram
  • On The Verge: Le Tigre
  • Communication: The Ting Tings
  • Ba$$in: Yelle
  • Kiesza: No Enemiesz

About Jen Emmert

Jen Emmert is a West Virginia native living in Chicago with a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a Bachelors in Journalism. If she’s not photographing a music event, interviewing an artist or writing quirky prose, she’s likely at LA Fitness, running along the Lakefront Trail, informing you about the latest indie acts or attempting to make you laugh with one of the myriad of voices she often speaks in, she’s likely traveling, spending time in the sunshine or cuddling with her two cats. She is currently revising two young adult fiction novels and bonding with a Fender Stratocaster.