Urban Socialite Cathy Jones and Designer Sandra Costa Team Up For Fabulous Furniture

Urban socialite Cathy Jones and & Sandra Costa Design Extraordinaire have come together for a line of sophisticated and contemporary furniture to support socialites and women all over the world.

Urban Socialite Cathy JonesCathy Jones has been a fixture in the social scene and a leader in the Urban social scene. Her experience with music, film, television and the social world has set her apart as someone who constantly inspires people. Her most recent inspiration and collaboration has been with fabulous designer Sandra Costa.

Sandra Costa is a residential and commercial Interior Designer based in Los Angeles, but works from coast to coast. Sandra and her team focus on the field of custom design work. Sandra Costa and her International Interior Design and Exterior building team, offer comprehensive solutions tailored for residential, commercial and hospitality markets. The team’s designs always reflect timeless beauty and quality. The team’s designs always reflect timeless beauty and quality. The team’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, Sandra was recently awarded with a major design award for 2013 tv BLLA in hospitality and restaurant design.

Her latest line of furniture, “The Urban Socialite,” represents style and elegance, quality and integrity. Cathy is the face of Urban Socialite and has an undeniable presence in so many communities because of her personality and mentality. Sandra explained this furniture line drew from Cathy’s personality and also music that she listened to while designing the furniture. “And each piece is delivered with Rhythm, Rhyme , Harmony and Melody,” explained Costa. Besides their love of hats (between Cathy and Sandra, they own a total of 560 hats!), Sandra and Cathy both are female. Not only is the furniture fiercely fabulous, but it also takes a stand on equality for women in all work fields.

Sandra said, ” I am Caucasian woman in the design and construction industry. Cathy an Afro American in the music industry. We both participated in male dominated industries and individually have faced various challenges.” Today, in the building industry women only make up 4% of the workforce. The Urban Socialite line serves to inspire women across all industries and walks of life. Sandra has been asked to create a presentation for the 2014 BLLA Awards to be held in LasVegas at the SLS hotel. She will speak on the hospitality furniture line to 500 top hotel owners, buyers and executives . She’ll present the Urban Socialite Collection and Urban Elegance. For more information on the furniture line click here!

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