5 Styling Tips From The Designers In The Milan Fashion Week

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The bright and the fashionably alive city of Milan has just recently finished partying, with the Milan Fashion Week of the year 2019 coming to a fabulous blast. We just can’t simply define in words how amazing and how brilliant the whole event was. The entire venue was decorated with such heart-stealing beauty, the setup of the event was splendidly well managed. And the designs, we just can’t get over those beautiful, marvelous, unique designs. The designers really went all out with their awesome talent and their remarkable dedication to their work. All the designs that reined the runway at the grand event were proof of how the designers had used their smarts and styled each piece of work quite creatively. We have collected, just for the ease of you and all the fashionistas, the 5 best styling tips from the designers in the Milan Fashion Week 2019.

#1 You Can Sport Reptile Print In Countless Ways:

As this year is all about animal prints and wild patterns, we cannot leave the intimidating reptile prints behind. One thing that we are taking home from the Blumarine collection displayed at the Milan Fashion Week SS’19 is that this print can be designed and styled into countless different ways. From fun and flirty silhouettes to formal attires, we saw reptile print in every way.

#2 Unisex Clothing Is All The Rage:

No, you do not necessarily have to shop only in the men or women’s section as unisex clothing is gaining popularity quite rapidly. Alberta Ferretti, the designer who always showcased the most feminine designs, vouched for this unisex clothing trend and we absolutely love it.

#3 Make A Statement With A Bold Print:

Want to make a bold statement? The best way is to go with an eye-catching print and silhouette than overloading chunky accessories, as seen in the spring and summer collection displayed by the mastermind, Louis Vuitton.

 Milan Fashion Week#4 Black & White Never Goes Out Of Style:

Something just no go of style and black and the white color combination is one of them. Miu Miu put forward a classic collection featuring bold solids along with black and white. The one thing we can learn from this is that black and white will always be in trend.

 Milan Fashion Week#5 Structured Silhouettes Are Always Classy:

Baggy silhouettes are cute and comfy, but there is something about a structured silhouette that gives off an uber-classy vibe. Balenciaga displayed this important style tip in their collection that if you want to look sleek and polished, always opt for a well-tailored and structured silhouette.

The Milan Fashion Week of 2019 has been a total blast. The whole event has been etched into our minds, the show was just that dazzling and glamorous. The designs, in particular, showed us that the designers and the stylists had been working with a bit of extra focus on their designs and styles. We have compiled 5 handy styling tips from the designers in the Milan Fashion Week 2019 so you can easily update your wardrobe according to the hot and fresh trends of the fashion world.



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