5 Takeaways From the 2023 Grammy Nominations

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5 Takeaways From the 2023 Grammy Nominations – There will always be mixed emotions when it comes to Grammy Nominations. From hell yeah’s to hell no’s, disappointment and satisfaction are siblings in this game.

Since the release of the 2023 Grammy noms, these emotions have been at an all-time high, so we’re here to help you by calling out five takeaways from the 65th Grammy nominations.

People were snubbed

Or rather, artists were snubbed. There are some stars who most people feel deserve a few nominations at least. They include amazing singers like Ed Sheeran, who have given us nothing but good music and hits only to be snubbed. Save for one small nom in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with Camila Cabello.

Alicia Keys, Elton John, Megan Thee Stallion, Carrie Underwood, Nicki Minaj, Blackpink, and Jon Batiste also got the cold shoulder with nothing small to console.

Beyoncé makes history – again.

Well deserved, mind you. Beyoncé leads the Grammy nominations floor once again with 9 noms in the 2023 Grammy awards and a total of 88 career nominations. This achievement ties her with her husband, Jay-Z, as the most Grammy-nominated musician of all time – he also has 88 career nominations.

2023 Grammy Nominations

Adele is coming for Beyoncé – again.

Now, this no one is quite sure about. In 2017, both Adele and Beyonce’s albums were nominated for Album of the Year. Adele took that trophy home.

Against Beyoncé’s career-defining project, Lemonade. It remains one of the most upsetting awards in Grammy’s history. Now Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE album stands against Adele’s 30. Fingers crossed, this doesn’t go the way we don’t want it to.

Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE was nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album.

Yes, it’s getting really Beyoncé up in here, but the takeaways are the takeaways. The 41-year-old winning this category will make her the second black artist to win the award. Did you know that although it was obviously a dance album, the Recording Academy’s dance committee didn’t initially see it as such? This means that it almost did not get nominated, although Beyoncé also submitted it for that category. The debate was very real, deep, widespread even to other music institutions like Billboard, and ridiculous! It would’ve dismissed what was a very intentional ode to Black dance music, reclaiming it as a Black genre, and it would’ve stopped Beyoncé from making history within the category.

Problematic Nominations

When Marilyn Manson, who is the subject of multiple sexual assault lawsuits, and Louis C.K., who has admitted to numerous instances of sexual misconduct, received nominations in the last awards, hairs were in a twist. But the institution said, “We won’t look back at people’s history, we won’t look at their criminal record, we won’t look at anything other than the legality within our rules of, is this recording for this work eligible based on date and other criteria.” From all indications, they’re standing by their belief, with Chris Brown, Dave Chappelle, and Arcade Fire getting nominations this year despite sexual assault and battery lawsuits for Chris Brown, transphobia for Dave, and sexual misconduct accusations for Win Butler of Arcade Fire.

This list could go on and on.

The 65th Grammy Awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles on February 5, 2023. The Grammys will air live at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and stream live and on-demand on Paramount+.

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