My Favorite Perfumes of All Time

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Perfumes are my favorite gift to give to anyone. I love how much their scent can trigger memories and increase your confidence each day. To me, perfumes for women are a must-have and I keep my beauty box stocked on my favorite scents.

I have rounded up my favorite perfumes of all time to share with you. I ensure my list includes fragrances that are striking either subtly or strongly and they last long. If a scent won’t last long on me, then it doesn’t stay on my list and doesn’t classify as one of the best perfumes. So, without further ado, here are my all-time faves!

Photo Courtesy of Marilyn Miglin LP

Destiny by Marilyn Miglin

I love how the name rolls off my lips when I’m telling someone about this luxurious scent. It’s a light and clean floral fragrance with long lasting power. It is a great perfume for women because it triggers a soft, feminine aura. Destiny by Marilyn Miglin is a classic, rounded scent suitable for all occasions. Some say they can smell destiny when they use this and it is delightful.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone fragrances are divine! I have never experienced more confusion than trying to decide which Jo Malone fragrance to pick. The scents range from fruity to floral, spicy, woody, citrus, and plain intense. The entire range of ladies’ perfume gives you all the fragrance options you ever dreamed of. Yes, they might be pricey, but I say it’s worth every penny. The best part is that you can get blown away by the packaging as much as the fragrance. I explore Jo Malone fragrances with joy. I hardly purchase the same fragrance twice in a row.

Chanel Coco Noir

Everyone knows Chanel do not mess around with quality products to leave you in awe, but this perfume received quite the backlash. Regardless of this, I wasn’t the least surprised to fall in love with Chanel Coco Noir. It is a perfect blend of ingredients like grapefruit, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, and more. Not everyone loves this perfume but I believe some perfumes for women can be loved based on how you wear them. Chanel Coco Noir is my go-to for big events and spicy nights. It’s an attention grabber and deserves its spot on my list of all-time fragrance faves.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Yes, I like them warm, spicy, sweet, and earthy. This is a luxurious, sensual fragrance of rich and alluring black orchids. It can easily be any lady’s signature scent. The bottle of the Tom Ford Black Orchid is sleek and chic. The soft fragrance lasts unbelievably long and is definitely a head turner.


Have you ever wanted a perfume that sits perfectly on a casual day out? Some fragrances are heavy and they seem to hang on too much, but Penhaligon’s gives me that simplicity and freedom for most casual days. I keep it handy on trips especially beach or pool outings where I just want a nice bath and outdoor bliss enjoying my sun-kissed skin.


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