Grooming Brushes for Sensitive Horses

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Grooming Brushes for Sensitive Horses: You know grooming your horse is suitable for their health and bonding between the two of you. But some horses are more sensitive than others regarding brush on skin.

This is why grooming brushes for sensitive horses exist. We’ve curated a good list for you and tips on why your horse may be sensitive.

Why some horses are sensitive to grooming

●    Not every equine companion has thick skin 

Thinner skin in horses exists. Some breeds, like Thoroughbreds and Arabians, are known for this. It’s just terrible coat genetics and not your hoofed friend’s fault.

●    Maybe it’s just you 

Grooming a horse can seem easy, but when it comes down to it, it’s not. Hence, sometimes, your horse could be sensitive to grooming when your technique, vibe, tone, or pressure is offensive.

●    They could be in real pain 

Muscle soreness or an injury you missed can cause your horse to pin its ears, swish its tail, and strike out or try to bite at the touch of a brush. Get your friendly vet to check and confirm for issues like this.

●    Dramatic much friends 

Finally, your hoofed friend may not be sensitive but just severely dramatic.

The best grooming brushes for sensitive horses

●     Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer

The signs of a perfect brush for grooming sensitive horses are that it is easy to hold on to, soft, and flexible. The Epona Flexible Glossy Groomer is all of this and more. Its personality is kind and gentle, with bendable nubs instead of regular zig-zag teeth.

●     Epona Queen’s Brush

This is an ideal brush for manes and tails. It’s flexible and smooths right through without tangling. This brush gently polishes your horse’s mane until it shines. Something else you should know about this lightweight, kind, and gentle grooming partner is that the Epona Queen’s Brush eco-friendly brush paddle is created with wheat straw-based bioplastic and a combination of nylon and natural boar’s hair bristles—a high-quality item for your equine friend.

●     Epona Classic Wood Curry Brush

The Epona Classic Wood Curry Brush is small and wooden with extra-long, durable bristles for sweeping away caked-on mud faster. It makes grooming your horse a trip to the spa by soothing, relaxing, and massaging as you groom.

●     Vale Brushes Genuine Cactus Cloth

You can use a good quality cactus cloth instead of a tough curry comb for a sensitive horse. Just move gently, and grooming gets easier.

●      Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer

Epona’s Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer is super versatile. You can use it all over the body and face, wet or dry, and achieve a thorough clean. It deep cleans embedded dirt and dung, erases sweat marks, and buffs hoof walls.

●     Leistner Luxurious Large Goat Hair Brush

You’ll need a grand finisher. This groomer is exceptionally soft and luxurious. It’s the perfect pick for brushing faces and gives a high-quality shine.

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