Mercy Home’s 27th Annual Ringside Party

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The bell rang and the crowd rose to their feet as the Mercy Home’s 27th Annual Ringside Party kicked off with a buzz in the air at the Chicago Marriott Hotel grand ballroom. Benefitting the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls since 1991, this remarkable gala attracted hundreds of loyal supporters, all happy and proud to be a part of this special event.


For 131 years, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls “has broken the cycle” of neglect and abuse for more than 30,000 kids. As a Catholic organization dedicated to children and families in need, Mercy Home professes a very convincing mission statement.  “To save young lives by providing: a safe residential home, AfterCare support for former residents, youth mentoring, and by promoting therapeutic, educational and spiritual development, etc.” Raising public awareness of kids in need and being sustained by generous benefactors are also two significant elements of their organization. Mercy Home’s devoted employees and associates firmly believe in positively shaping and molding youngsters so they possess the qualities and personality characteristics they will need to in order to develop into mature, responsible adults.

Micah Materre

It wasn’t exactly the “Thrilla in Manilla,” but the boxing match card boasted eight exciting bouts with an actual boxing ring strategically positioned in the middle of the ballroom to give all spectators a good viewpoint. WGN – Channel 9’s Micah Materre took the microphone and provided an electric atmosphere featuring boxing, dining, drinking, and socializing all for the sake of raising vital funds to foster the development of our communities’ young people. Creative fundraisers included a Ringside Raffle with a grand prize of $25,000, a rousing live auction conducted by Bill and Giuliana Rancic featuring four exotic prizes, and an impressive line up of silent auction items on display at the entrance for all party goers to see.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic conduct live auction close up photo by Carlos J Ortiz

Giuliana and Bill Rancic conduct live auction close up photo by Carlos J Ortiz

Under the confident guidance and leadership of Reverend L. Scott Donahue since 1991, Mercy Home has not only succeeded in accomplishing its goals but has flourished: right now Mercy Home takes care of an estimated 600 children and families. In addition, Father Scott celebrates mass every Sunday during “Sunday Mass at Mercy Home.” This church service is televised on WGN – Channel 9 and reaches an audience of 60,000 viewers.

Founded by Chicago Archbishop Patrick Feehan in 1887, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls has tremendously made their mark on society; inspiring young people to become successful regardless of their challenging circumstances or environmental surroundings. Congratulations Father Scott Donahue, Vice President Tom Gilardi, Chairman Joe Nolan, and all generous sponsors who made the Mercy Home’s 27th Annual Ringside Party an extraordinary event we will all remember.

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