Revenge Travel – Gear Up For The Rush

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Revenge Travel – Gear Up For The Rush, after enduring lockdowns, canceled plans, distance from family and friends, it’s almost natural to develop what we can describe as a ‘travel itch’.

Now that there’s a vaccine and things are steadily getting back to normal, most people can live out their travel itch and it’s this situation that’s being termed ‘Revenge travel’.

What is Revenge Travel?

“…‘revenge travel’ refers to the idea that there will be a huge increase in travel as it becomes safer and things open back up,” said Eric Jones, co-founder of The Vacationer travel journal and planning guide.

“Many Americans and those around the world had their vacations altered or outright canceled last year, so they are all looking to satisfy their travel itch at the same time. The term is also retribution against COVID-19 and how it is losing its power to control our lives, including canceling travel plans.”

There you have it perfectly explained. It’s payback on COVID for taking away our travel choices for an entire year. And the more people get vaccinated, the more trips get booked.

Is it here yet?

Revenge travel is already happening with trips been booked and plans been made. In the days and months to come, several trends will unfold to usher in revenge travel. We discuss a few below;

  • Domestic travel is the #1 choice

“Most of the revenge travel in the next few months will likely take place in the United States,” Jones said. “Of the limited number of foreign countries that are permitting United States citizens, many of them have COVID-19 testing requirements that can be quite extensive”

In summary, it’s expected that as international travel destinations are still re-opening, people will go for domestic options that don’t take them far from safety.

“For American travelers, the deep desire to get away combined with the looming uncertainty is causing a surge in planning trips to destinations like Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands,” Konrad Waliszewski, co-founder and CEO of the travel app Tripscout said. “People want to go as far away as they can get without actually leaving the country.”

  • A hunt for sun and sand

The great outdoors calls now more than ever and the perfect destination to cool off and reconnect will be set in sand and sun.

“We’re seeing the biggest excitement for post-pandemic revenge travel initially to the sun and sand destinations,” Waliszewski said. “Everyone has had a hard year, so while they’re craving new cultures and adventures, they want to give themselves a much-needed break first. They want to sit on a beach and give a cold cheer to the people they missed most during the pandemic.”

  • The stats are already speaking

Some destinations are seeing an increase in bookings much more than others.

  • Mountain and lake destinations and resorts (44% increase)
  • Coastal destinations and resorts (42% increase)
  • Mid-sized cities (24% increase)


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