The Best Electric Motorcycles

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Are you looking to buy an Electric Motorcycle? Then hop on for a ride on this list of the top 5 Electric Motorcycles in the world.

Getting the full package of speed, battery life, and high performance can seem like a too-good-to-be-true desire sometimes. However, it is possible to get the best deal on a motorcycle.

And in this article, you can find the comprehensive information you need to streamline your search for the best electric motorcycle.

  1. Energica Ego

As the name implies, this electrical motorcycle is a beast with a lot of energy and long battery life. An ideal ride for adults who can handle untapped energy and at its high cost,  it is worth every dollar.

You might want to keep this power-packed bike from your kids, even teenagers, because it’s not the motorcycle to play around with. Energica Ego is supercharge enabled for fast charge and offers 93 miles per single charge.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can binge-listen to your favorite songs as you ride. This powerhouse isn’t just fast, it is also beautiful. Its curvy aesthetics don’t compromise its ability to reach the top speed of 150mph. If you are an adult living in the city who needs something efficient yet classy, definitely go for this.

  1. Vespa Elettrica

The future is the electric motorcycle, and Vespa is not left behind. The Electrica model of this brand’s motorcycles is another good recommendation for city dwellers who want to turn heads. Get ready to own a high-performing electric bike.

Its top speed is 32 mph with a range of 62 miles depending on usage. There’s no need to stop for gas. Your dream of uninterrupted riding has just come true.

  1. Brutus V9

This motorcycle has the longest range of 280 miles. It weighs a whopping 780 pounds and has a shocking 118 mph battery life. The best part is, the Brutus V9 is a silent beast that makes little noise while on the move.

If you aren’t putting this on your list, what other badass electric motorcycle could you add?

Best Electric Motorcycles
Harley Davidson LiveWire

  1. Harley Davidson LiveWire

The list is incomplete without a mention of this popularly voted overall best electric motorcycle. The Harley brand is motorcycle royalty, and their electric motorcycles range isn’t an exception.

It has a 146 miles range and a long-lasting battery life of 15.5 KWh. It is sleek and guarantees you a premium riding experience.

  1. Lightning LS-218

They called this electric motorcycle Lightning for a reason. It is living proof that electric motorcycles can keep up with their gas-sucking counterparts. It has a top speed of 218 mph.

The battery can be upgraded if the 12kwh battery pack doesn’t suit your style. Cop one of these for yourself to know how fast a bike could go.

Hopefully, this review helps you choose an electric motorcycle based on the following features: battery life, different prime speed, premium aesthetics, and particular riding performances. Enjoy your ride!

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