The Chicago Pet Project : Cari Meyers’ New Book

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The Chicago Pet Projectinspired by a story she read on the internet in 2009, The Puppy Mill Project Founder and President Cari Meyers discovered some eye-opening facts: dogs are being bred commercially across the U.S. in terrible living conditions. Even more astonishing, apparently no one was doing anything to prevent this inhumane treatment of man’s best friend.

Cari Meyers
Cari Meyers

Feeling compelled to change these unbelievable conditions, Cari Meyers took the initiative and rose to the challenge in the face of this crisis by creating the Puppy Mill Project. Encouraged by enthusiastic friends, Cari and her assistants have relentlessly pursued the ultimate challenge of wiping out the business of commercially breeding dogs at puppy mills.

cari MeyersAlong with photographer Karen Morgan and Project Manager Kim Williamson, Cari Meyers’ newest venture is a hardcover book entitled The Chicago Pet Project: Portraits and Letters from the Heart.  Large and colorful, this coffee-table book features significant Chicagoans with their four-legged companions with impressive photographs, accompanied by some very sincere, humorous letters.

Measuring 12.25” x 12.25” and weighing in at 5 lbs., 7 oz., this larger-than-life book is an ideal gift for any pet owner with all proceeds directly benefitting Millie’s Mission. Named after Cari Meyers’ rescued dog Millie, Millie’s Mission is “a fund that allows them to facilitate rescue and provides funding to assist non-profit organizations with the exorbitant costs of rescuing mill dogs.”

Judge Richard Posner, with Pixie

This dynamic team of outstanding women requests the support of the general public to raise the necessary finances to fight animal cruelty that is taking place around the U.S. Traditional breeders of dogs pride themselves on their caregiving and are known across the country by their upstanding reputations and are recommended by happy, satisfied customers. On the other hand, commercial breeders raise “puppy mill dogs” in horrific conditions, have them transported in trucks like cans of soup, and sold at pet stores.

This shocking, but still legal, practice of selling dogs like items manufactured on an assembly line must be stopped, once and for all. We suggest pet lovers everywhere purchase their copy of The Chicago Pet Project by Cari Meyers and do their part to assist the ongoing campaign to stamp out animal cruelty.

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