Top 7 Italian Wines

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Italy is synonymous with most of the finest wines in the world. Aside from being a romantic getaway offering lighted streets and amazing exotic cuisines, Italy is a top player when it comes to a large variety of wines. Hence, you can imagine how confusing and daunting it must be to pick the top 7 Italian wines. This list includes all types of wines such as iconic reds and whites. Here are the top 7 Italian wines you wouldn’t want to miss in 2019.

Luna Nuda Rose

Wines should look brilliant in a glass and Italian wines always obey this rule. Luna Nuda Rose is made from Italian grape and smells like strawberry and floral notes. The fruit gives it its sparkling pink color and exquisite taste. This wine can be paired with bruschetta and topped with ricotta and arugula.

Barbera D’ Alba Superiore DEMARIA

This Italian wine is one with a personality. It is the everyday choice for a wine lover. It fully represents the values of Piedmont winegrowers. Barbera D’ Alba Superiore DEMARIA is known to pair well with many meals. This wine is flavorful, rich, and smooth.

Barbera D’ Alba Superiore DEMARIA



Among several Italian red wines, lignum stands out as intense and classic. The sleek bottle serves as a hint of the wine quality within. Lignum is created from a perfect blend of shiraz, cabernet, and Merlot. You can expect your palate to dance to the smooth ripe cherry taste with a hint of chocolate and wood.

Italian Wines

Ca’ Montini

Ca’Montini is a world-class white wine that comes from a vineyard protected by mountains. The optimum weather makes it a great place to grow Pinot Grigio grapes. This wine offers an unexpected quality with a balanced fruit taste and acidity.



Amarone wine is a deep red and black wine made from perfectly selected ingredients such as Corvina, Rondinella, Negrara, and Molinara. During production, this wine is fermented for at least one year in stainless steel casks. It is a bestselling wine widely recognized for its superior rich taste.


Roscato Prosecco N.V.

When you are looking for vibrant, rich fruit wine, this Roscato Prosecco N.V. ranks high among Italian wines. Its crisp and inviting taste comes from ingredients such as apples, sweet peaches, and pears. You can expect a hint of zesty lemon and honeysuckle on each sip. Roscato Prosecco N.V. pairs nicely with spicy dishes and even fresh fruits.


Allegrini comes from a family of more than six generations of winegrowing. Allegrini wines are produced on the hallmark of excellence with several expressions of local grape varieties. Allegrini is a world-class wine and a bestseller across countries.

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