What Happens When You Stop Taking Ozempic?

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What Happens When You Stop Taking Ozempic? Drug shortages and eye-opening side effects have inspired the question on everyone’s mind.

It feels like most people skipped the part where they ask all the questions before giving up the cash.

And who can blame them?

Ozempic and other semaglutide drugs like it offer a miracle solution to the stubborn problems of weight loss and diabetes.

It’s not surprising to see the situation of injecting first ask questions later going round.

But now we’re asking, so here’s all you need to know.

How does Ozempic work?

The active ingredient, semaglutide, in this family of drugs works by influencing the central nervous system to upregulate the hormone that controls feelings of hunger or fullness.

The drug tricks your body into feeling full and wanting less food, hence shedding weight. It also works to slow down your gastrointestinal tract for the same results.

So it’s like you’re dieting or fasting but you’re not – or you don’t think you are.

Ozempic does not burn fat or work on fat directly like most people think it does.


What happens when you stop taking Ozempic?

With a medication that works in this way, quitting means your body goes back to its default settings. You would no longer feel full when you are not full.

So unconscious dieting is off the table, which leads to what some have noticed – gaining back the lost weight or even double.

  • Your appetite goes back to normal –

When the medication ceases, you lose the effect of feeling full or satisfied after a few bites. Your appetite for more is one of the first things to return.

  • No more ozempic face

Ozempic face is the sagging and wrinkling of the face due to weight loss. It has been observed as a side effect of using ozempic. Quitting the drug helps to stop your face from taking on a gaunt, shrunken, and dehydrated appearance. Since the effects get reversed, your face will be full again.

  • Blood sugar will spike

The initial purpose of ozempic was to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. Someone who starts and quits ozempic will notice their blood sugar go up if they are diabetic.

  • All side effects will fade away

Ozempic is still relatively new and many things that have come to light about it were only because it had such massive popularity. With so many users, various side effects and symptoms were quickly identified.

Some of these include nausea, constipation, vomiting, heartburn, gas, headache, and dizziness. The effects can be mild, severe or non-existent for different people.

  • Your weight comes back

As explained above, quitting the medication will cause you to regain weight. But it’s been noticed that the weight gain can be rapid and more than the weight earlier lost.

 A better way

Drugs like Ozempic are intended for lifelong use. It’s important to fully consider this before starting.

Physicians have also suggested quitting the medication slowly to allow your body to adjust properly. This way, the effects of stopping won’t hit you with sudden big changes and rapid weight gain can be avoided.

I started taking Ozempic on February 8, 2023, so far I have lost almost 20 pounds; however, I am experiencing “Ozempic Face” and am considering stopping.  It is also expensive.

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