What is Semi-permanent Makeup?

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What is Semi-permanent Makeup? Have you ever wished you could get out of bed, primed and ready to go? Of course, we have all wished for that. Waking up to perfectly set eyebrows, full juicy lips, blackened shiny lashes, and a bright complexion doesn’t seem like too much to ask for but in the past, ladies have had to settle for hours at the dressing table achieving each of these and more.

Yes, such time consuming and unnerving days can quickly get buried in the past with an emerging trend called semipermanent makeup.

One good thing about advancement in technology and product manufacturing is how they strive to meet your unique needs. The continued desire for effortlessly good-looking skin and a ready-to-go appearance has gotten gears shifting and labs churning to provide solutions.

Hence, semipermanent makeup has become a thing and as far as a description goes, it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a collection of advanced technologies that apply natural-looking makeup just so you can wake up the way you have always dreamed.

How it works, depends on what you want or need. Here are some brands offering these new developments;

For moisturized-looking skin, Biologique Recherche has only just introduced Sérum de Teint. It’s the company’s first tinted finishing serum, and it comes in 5 shades. Sérum de Teint is in liquid form and all you have to do is apply on the skin to keep moisture in and pollutants out. Yep! That means shiny, healthy-looking skin all day.

To blur imperfections and protect the skin from radicals, Sisley has introduced the new Phyto Hydra Teint.

What is Semi-permanent Makeup?

For juicy lips with that tinted red, Perricone MD’s No Makeup Foundation has only recently turned tables with a full line of makeup that includes No Makeup Lipstick. The product is a pinkish red, mimicking the natural outline of the lips that often fade with age.

For filtered skin, check out the new procedure from Korea known as BB Glow. BB Glow involves a treatment with lots of tiny needles, serums, and pigments to give you a natural-looking filtered skin. It is a once-off procedure of nano needling giving you the results you want. They last for a few weeks before fading away. The treatments cost $550 each. While it’s effective, other beauty experts like Dominique Bossavy, known for NanoColor Infusion, criticize the procedure saying people have complaints of allergic reactions. However, Christopher Drummond, the aesthetician and makeup artist who performs the procedure, says it’s all about the technique.

There are benefits to semi-permanent makeup such as time and money-saving, youthful appearance, and an end to the struggle for perfectly applied makeup. For some that last benefit trumps everything and is worth trying all these procedures and the latest innovations.

The fact is, the trend is growing. Perhaps soon, it won’t be so strange to always look like you have got perfect makeup on and when your friends ask, you can just go, ‘yes, its semi-permanent makeup. I got everything last week’.

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