Best Eyeshadow Colors For Women Over 50

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A lot of mature women avoid eyeshadow and sometimes any makeup at all. It’s not that they don’t want to add color and enhance their best features with a good ole makeup session. The problem is that the makeup industry is more often ageist.

Well, a revolution in this area seems quite far away but thankfully, you can make do with the right tips and an upgrade to your beauty routine.

Now, the toughest part about finding the best makeup for older women is that we need products that don’t smudge, smear, and flake, or worse, move into the fine lines. We need makeup that helps to bring out the best versions of our older selves not making us appear like an old dame desperately clinging to our youth.

There are several factors that come into play to give you the best makeup for mature skin. Read on to learn them all.

Eyeshadow Colors

Colors play a vital role in makeup. They determine how everything sits on your skin giving you the look you desire. First, you need a product that doesn’t flake or smear, and matte palettes are a great option.

Soft and neutral colors favor mature women more than anything. Try to forget about how you rocked those black stuff around the eyes and think only of colors that match your skin tone. Colors like grey, taupe, cream, are suitable for anyone.

Bright eyeshadows make your eyes look dramatic. Especially with hooded eyes. Dark eyeshadows make your eyes seem smaller. So you want to avoid both bright and dark eyeshadows. Natural and light-colored shadows make your eyes pop, vibrant, and youthful. It makes your eyes the focus of your face and outshines those wrinkles and fine lines.

The way to do this is to apply any pale eyeshadow and use a complementary darker shade to form a fine line along the lash line. Don’t panic if your application isn’t perfect. Focus on pushing the dark color to the base of the lashes and then use a brush to sweep it up at the outer edge.

This can easily become a dependable routine to make the right colors work for you. Here is a way to match colors;

  • Cream and cocoa brown
  • Pale grey and charcoal grey
  • Taupe and dark green or a dark purple

Always apply a primer

A primer can serve as the best foundation for mature skin. Prime your face but most importantly your eyelids before makeup. It helps to reduce the visible signs of aging and keep the makeup put on the eyes all day.

Curl your lashes

After all your hard work on getting the right colors for mature skin to pop, you must curl your lashes. This is like the icing to the cake. It wraps up your eye makeup by adding volume, length, and shape to your lashes.


When you are in your 50s or higher, brows can thin out, making it hard to achieve a complete look. Feel confident to fill out your thin brows. Do this artfully and lightly. They can be thin, but make them seen.

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