Where to Travel in 2022

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Where to Travel in 2022, if we’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s to never again take the gift of travel and physical, social connection for granted.

Where once traveling only required a visa and some finance, we now have to suffer through paperwork upon paperwork, tests, closed borders, uncertainties, variants popping up almost every day, and much more.

But rather than let all of this kill your desires to explore, it’s best to realize that perhaps a mindset shift is needed.

Traveling is a gift and, as such, where you travel matters for a fully memorable experience.

2022 is here and we’re giving you a list of the best locations to consider.

  1. Mljet Island, Croatia

For the times when you want to get away from it all, this small, picture-perfect Island can be all you need. Mljet Island is home to lush forests, friendly locals, saltwater lakes, rocky coves, and ancient settlements. It’s perfect for laying back, breathing in the calm, enjoying sunsets, bike rides, hikes, good food, and making a few new friends.

  1. Eustatius, Netherlands

You would often only hear of ST. Eustatius from traveling divers who went to explore the shipwrecks and coral reefs as well as get up close to barracudas and sharks in the unspoiled waters.

But this year, ST. Eustatius will welcome the Golden Rock, a new luxury hotel named after the island. Easier routes to the island have also been opened, setting things up for a brighter tourism future.

  1. Lanai, Hawaii

Hawaii is no stranger to tourism and is often a hot spot for tourists from across the world. But rather than join the crowd, take the less cramped option of more remote parts of Hawaii. Visit Lanai, the private island owned and spruced by Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison. Activities to enjoy include horseback riding, meditation, forest bathing, thermal body mapping and sleep analysis, deep soaks in Japanese onsen tubs, and great food, all on the Four Seasons Lanai.

Lanai, Hawaii

  1. Penang, Malaysia 

Looking for a culinary-focused journey? Head to Penang, Malaysia, one of Asia’s best mouth-watering islands. You’ll easily find a wide mix of traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes, stunning architecture, excellent hiking trails, botanical gardens, and more.

Not to forget its world-class rainforest discovery center where you can enjoy guided walks and tours.

  1. John, US Virgin Islands 

How about not having to leave the US? US Virgin Islands are easily accessible for US Citizens and St. John is one of the best at offering a proper Island vibe complete with beachfront bars, weathered sailors with tales to tell, visitors soaking it all in, Virgin Islands National Park with miles of hiking trails, historical ruins, and ancient artifacts, and white-sand beaches in the Caribbean. Phew! Sounds like a dream right, and it’s just around the corner, too.

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

You can never get enough of Mexico and Albuquerque should be top on your list for Mexico cities this year. With its natural and cultural wonders, Albuquerque pleasures tourists craving the full New Mexican vibe.

Hope you enjoyed Where to Travel in 2022!

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