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New York Fashion Week just wrapped up their Spring 2019 shows on the runways of Manhattan. It was an extravaganza, with not just the latest styles in fashion, but the latest styles in makeup and accessories as well. There was something there for everyone, and if you missed out on the elaborate designs and shows then you’re in luck! We rummaged through all the shows of the Spring 2019 shows and listed down the top 5 trends to conquer the runways.

  1. Pastels are taking over!
Yes, you read that right. This Fashion Week, one color palette stood out and that was pastels. Every designer had incorporated some pastel colors into their upcoming spring lines. Light shades of blue, pink, green, yellow, you name it and it’s there. This design, from the Michael Kors show, features a pastel pink a shade darker than the conventional shade. Many pastel designs to hit the runways were similar, taking a bold spin on pastel.

  1. Extreme Beach Hair!
New York Fashion WeekBeach hair, with its effortless messy waves, has always been popular. However, this Fashion Week in New York designers took things one step forward. Designers like Sally LaPointe and Paral Gurung styled their models with wet hair. Yes! Completely wet hair. The hair was slicked back or tied up with loose strands, again mimicking an effortless style. It’s safe to say it was a bold move on behalf of the designers that paid off pretty well. We have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of wet hair out on the streets next spring.

  1. High-Neck Season In Spring

New York Fashion Week One trend that was common to see among the shows, yet quite surprising to see, was high necks. Many designers showcased outfits that had incorporated high necks, that is usually a staple look for the fall or winter. Putting out high necks in a spring line could be a risky move due to the warming weather. But, we have to say that we’re loving this Ralph Lauren high neck and would definitely buy it along with many other high-necks to grace the runways of New York Fashion Week.

  1. Flower Power!

New York Fashion Week Wet hair wasn’t the only statement hairstyle in the Spring 2019 New York Fashion Week. Another hair trend that we saw frequently were hairstyles decorated with flowers. But these aren’t the 2016 flower crowns that we’re talking about. These are huge statement flowers set in an intricate design of buns and waves. While these hairstyles looked absolutely gorgeous on the runway, we’re a little skeptical of whether we’ll see them on the streets.

  1. Statement Nails
New York Fashion WeekWe’ve seen a lot of nail trends over the years and just when we think we’ve seen everything; fashion proves us wrong. This Fashion Week we saw nail extreme nail trends such as this one depicted above, courtesy of Holly Falcone Nails. It’s a hybrid of a piercing and a manicure, perhaps. The nails are pierced from the top with gems hanging from each nail.

Well, there you have it! The top five trends to hit New York Fashion Week this September.












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