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New York Fashion Week wrapped up this month and the number of runways left us breathless.  All the designers showered us with their creativity and we loved all of it. Amongst all the fabulousness of Fashion Week, we quickly gathered five styling tips straight from designers and their runways.

  1. Layer Up!
Perhaps you’re tired of the cliché open plaid shirt over tank top/t-shirt look. Well if you’re looking to spice up your everyday wear, the designers of New York Fashion Week have answered! Just layer a plaid shirt on a plaid shirt. This was a styling method we saw pretty frequently on the Manhattan runways, and we have to admit – it doesn’t look bad.

  1. White Sneakers Are A Savior!
NEW YORK FASHION WEEKWhite sneakers have been around for a while. They’re pretty much the go to shoes to wear with jeans and shorts, and sometimes if you feel daring a cute sundress too. However, Fashion Week proved us wrong yet again. This September, designers paired off white sneakers with everything and yes, we mean everything. Long formal gowns, short party dresses, and even beachwear. White sneakers were the staple shoe and it’s no surprise that they looked good with everything. If you don’t have a pair yet, hurry up and go grab one!

  1. Pair Your Outfit With A Statement Necklace
NEW YORK FASHION WEEKOne of the best styling tips we were blessed with by New York Fashion Week designers was to pair up our outfits with a good statement necklace. By statement necklace, we mean a huge necklace that cannot possibly miss anyone’s eye. It’s a sure shot way to make any dull or plain outfit look glammed up and stylish. Not to mention it’s a very quick and easy to do style tip as well! Just make sure you have a few statement necklaces that will work well with most outfits and you’re good to go.

  1. Red Lipstick Is Back!
NEW YORK FASHION WEEKRed lipstick made a huge comeback this season at New York Fashion Week. Nowadays red lipstick seemed like an anomaly, lost in between all the nude shades we see every day. However, with models and designers at New York Fashion Week dawning red lipstick on and off the carpet, I think we can say with some surety that it’s okay to start wearing red lipstick as a daily shade again.

  1. Smoky Eyes Are Out!
NEW YORK FASHION WEEKIf there’s something about makeup that New York Fashion Week has taught us it’s that anything conventional is out and everything bold is in. In line with this mantra, designers in Manhattan this fall showed us that the smoky eye is officially over. It had its time, and now bold eyes are in the limelight. Take out your pinks, blues, greens, and unleash your inner artist on those eyelids. We’re excited to see all sorts of bold eyeshadow looks to debut the streets next spring.

We hope these style tips aren’t too alarming for any of you. Yes, trying new things can be daunting but you can’t be a trendsetter if you don’t have the courage to take a leap.







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