5 Trends That Owned the Runway of Paris Fashion Week

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Not so long ago, the bright and alive city of Paris has been having a glamorous blast. Yes, we are talking about the Paris Fashion Week of 2019. The show was a huge success and everyone that attended the event left it with a baffled mind, due to mind-blowing and awe-inspiring fashion trends that reined the runway, glimmering lights, and the bedazzling decorations and setup of the event. It was pretty evident that every person that worked for the event had put in their heart and soul in their work. The trends displayed to the audience were nothing less than absolutely stunning. In fact, all of them were so good that we had a hard time deciding which one was the best. So, to present to you, we have selected 5 of the super cool trends that owned the runway of Paris Fashion Week 2019.

#1 Statement Bags:

If you are already not a fan of statement bags, then Paris fashion week 2019 will surely make you fall in love with them. The models sported various eye-catching purses in different styles to make all the heads turn as they walk the runway in style.

#2 Sultry Satins:

Wearing the satin fabric is the surefire way of adding a sultry glam to your overall appearance. This year satins ruled the runway of Paris Fashion week and we can’t help but fall in love with it even more. From light blush tones to vibrant jewel tones, the satin fabric was seen in all colors this year.

 Paris Fashion Week#3 Denim Patchwork:

Bring back the early 2000s with the denim patchwork. Remember when you had a pair of jeans that were three colors of denim? Yes, designers have brought this trend back this year in a much trendier and chic way.

 Paris Fashion Week#4 Edge With Leather:

This season add some unmatchable edge to your outfit by incorporating some leather into your outfit. Alexander McQueen used leather in different artistic ways to showcase her collection and we can definitely say that Leather will be the biggest trend of the year 2018-2019.

 Paris Fashion Week#5 Three Dimensional Embellishments:

Gone are those days when our clothes were embellished with 2D sequins and embroidery. This year Paris Fashion Week was flooded with three-dimensional embellishment using mirrors, different metals, and other interesting elements. From tops to bottoms to dresses to shoes, every fashion article showcased artistic #D embellishments on the runway.

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into the Paris Fashion Week of the year 2019. We definitely were more than impressed with the gorgeous trends that were the life of the show, we just couldn’t choose our favorite one. Now that you are also aware of the trends that owned the runway of the fabulous event, you can stay up to date with the latest trends and styles of the year. Who knows/ the knowledge might even help you kick up the style of your wardrobe up a little!



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