5 Steps to Traveling Successfully with Your Dog

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If you are like most people, you love your dog as much as you love your kids and your significant other. Therefore, it is not too surprising that you want to take them with you when you travel.  After all, you know that they would not be as happy if you left them with strangers in a kennel or the cost that you would need to pay for such services.

Here are 5 steps to traveling successfully with your dog:

  1. Plan Ahead
dogs and yachtsYou may think that you need to do a lot of planning for a regular vacation, but one with a dog requires even more preparation.  If you are going to be staying at a hotel for any part of your trip, you will need to make sure that you find one that is very pet-friendly. Traveling by car is usually the best way to go, but flying is possible if you take the proper precautions.  Nonstop flights are also the best, as your dog will not be left in the cargo area for any longer than they need to be.


  1. Make Frequent Stops


PomeranianDogs are very similar to people, which means that they need to get up and stretch and use the bathroom too!  Choose rest stops in advance when possible, so that you can find ones that have the space to walk around.  Make sure that you bring everything that you will need to clean up after your furry friend and you may want to bring a few cleaning supplies in case of an accident.


  1. Bring Favorite Blankets and Toys


Yorkie travel tipsYour dog may be a little anxious about any trip at first, as well as all the new places that they are going to be seeing.  While you can be a comfort of sorts, you are also the one causing their anxiety by traveling.  Do not worry, they will not be permanently harmed, in fact, this is all good for them! Their favorite blanket and toy will be a huge help, as it will remind them of home and all the fun that they have there.  Those items will allow them to relax more and begin to have fun wherever you are.


  1. Be Vigilant of Your Surroundings


Doga at hotel
BERLIN, GERMANY – JUNE 15: Dogs in a hotel on June 15, 2012, in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Agency-Animal-Picture/Getty Images)

When you are traveling, you are obviously in new surroundings, which could end up being dangerous to your dog if you are not careful.  Small items left behind by previous guests can be a choking hazard, while loose cords can become hazardous if they are used for a one dog game of tug of war.  It is always best if you get down to your dog’s level when you arrive at your destination so that you can see exactly what they are seeing.  Remove anything that looks dangerous, so that your dog is as safe as they can be during your stay.


  1. Identification


German Shepherd Dog travelYour dog may never leave your yard at home, and therefore doesn’t wear a collar all the time.  However, when you are traveling, you will want to make sure that they have a collar on and that there is an identification tag on it in case they get lost or run off.  The tag should have a phone number that people can reach you at, a cell phone number is usually best, since you will not be home.  A picture of your dog is also helpful so that others can help you try to locate them.


These five steps will ensure that you have a wonderful trip with your furry friend.  While traveling with a dog is not always easy, it can be a rewarding experience that you will cherish forever.



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