The Bal des Etoiles

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Any jet-setter knows that the “Bal des Etoiles” is an international social fixture that cannot be missed. Created and hosted by Catherine Colonna de Stigliano and backed by an international committee, the “Bal des Etoiles” is a three-day event that takes place in France once a year. This year’s theme was ‘One Day in Paris,’ a very French affair.

The main event took place at the Cercle de l’ Union Interalliée, under the patronage of its President Count Denis de Kergorlay. At the ball were 250 – hand-picked guests from the four corners of the world who were stunning in their haute couture. The guests enjoyed french delectables from Chef Didier Avril and were entertained by Malik Lewis’ troupe of cabaret and tap performers. The evening continued with DJ Ariel Wizman who brought the crowd to their feet and had them dancing for hours.

Some notable guests were top Turkish designer Hakan Akkaya, famous top model Rebecca Ayoko and Marie N’Dao, Gizem Engin (Turkey, International Committee), Godze Engin Utku (Turkey), famous American football player Jeff Charleston and his wife Reagan (USA), Allison Ecung (USA), Jamie Litt (USA), Eric J. Iglesias(USA), Princess Marie-Louise von Sachsen (Germany), Annabelle Marie Frey (Germany), Annamia Dalberg Ring (Denmark, International Committee), Novelists Jyoti and Suresh Guptara (India, Switzerland), Lolita Furrer-Glauser (Switzerland), Solveig Breger (Switzerland), Princess Michaela and Sophia Anna Wolkonsky (Germany, International Committee), Rudolf King (Germany), Francesca Galati Bolognesi (Italy), Annamaria Carini Luzzago (Italy, International Committee), Ricardo and Sofia Da Cruz (Portugal), Dino Goncalves (Portugal), Hoda El-Haddad (Saudi Arabia), Mounia Tazi El-Halouani (Morocco), Nermine Mohktar, Leila Darwish and Aleya Ismael (Egypt), Jaime Diaz de Arcaya Veloso (Spain), Bastiaan Hagenouw (Netherlands, International Committee), Charles des Roberts (France), Alexia Simonnard-Note (France), Franck Bourc’his (France), Jurgen and Geoffrey Janssens (Belgium International Committee), Karim N. Kanji (Canada), Michiko and RitsukoYamamoto (Japan), Debolina Dubois (India), Indira and Ranjit Kumar Mahanty (India International Committee) …

* Kudos to Catherine for making it such a fun and elegant trip!


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