A Romantic Evening Cruise in Budapest

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Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is its most populated city. Budapest is both a city and a county. It is the center of politics, commerce, industry, and administration. Budapest is sometimes called the Queen of Danube and is known for being lively and rich in culture.

It offers tourists breathtaking sights of its grand, historic buildings, boulevards, people, bustling city, and so on.

One of the wonderful sights and tourist attractions is the Danube River. The Danube River is the second-longest river in Europe and it flows through 10 countries including Hungary.

In Budapest, the river is strategically situated in a magnificent and natural setting. You can clearly see where the hills of the West meet the plains to the east and south. The two parts of the city- Buda, and Pest- are on opposite sides of the river, connected by beautiful bridges.

Budapest offers you the most romantic evening cruise on the Danube River, surrounded by sights, lights, and food.

Ranked by Forbes as Europe’s seventh-most idyllic place to live, Budapest is easily one of Eastern Europe’s most interesting cities.

There are several Danube cruises by local operators, who offer you extraordinary experiences in the daytime or at night. However, we recommend the evening cruise because that is when romance begins. It takes about 90 minutes to go up and down the river on most cruises.

In the evening, on a cruise of your choice, the air is magical. The tallest and magnificent buildings of Budapest are lit and you can truly appreciate their excellence, alongside the impressive architectural styles.

You can highlight your evening by selecting a dinner, musical, opera, or a wine tasting cruise.

The bridges are also something that catches your eye as you go by. Here are some awesome sights that make a romantic evening cruise in Budapest all the more worthwhile.

  • The 19thcentury Liberty Bridge, standing across the Hotel
  • The Buda Castle. It’s a historic and beautiful sight. The building dates back to the 13thcentury of great Hungarian kings.
  • The impressive Szechenyi Chain Bridge. This bridge dates back to 1849when it was completed by the English engineer, William Clark. It holds the title of the first permanent bridge across the river in Hungary.
  • The Parliament Building constructed in Gothic Revival Style is also seen bathed in lights on your cruise.

It’s never too late to take a romantic cruise ina beautiful city. Start your evening adventure as soon as you can and experience scenic beauty from Budapest.



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