Spa Resorts in New England to Visit This Winter

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Spa Resorts in New England to Visit This Winter There’s no getaway like a spa vacation. Whether you’ll be stressing out this winter, you deserve a retreat solely for pampering yourself. Thankfully, with several top-of-the-bunch spa resorts in New England, you can find something that suits your needs.

Cliff House, Maine

As the name suggests, this spa resort sits on a cliff overlooking the wild Atlantic Ocean. Ingredients are sourced from the ocean next door and treatments you can get include a dozen different massages, scrubs, wraps, Hydra facials, cupping, and more. There’s almost no better way to recharge your body.

Equinox Resort

This spa is big on healing, revitalizing, and creating a strong sense of balance with its atmosphere. You’ll be pampered using an assortment of local ingredients. Treatments include Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, and facials. You can also get therapeutic Reiki treatment, Shiatsu, and reflexology. If you want to reconnect with nature, they’ve got that too. Equinox Spa is located in Manchester, Vermont. Take advantage of one of the packages to enjoy your time there.

Mayflower Inn & Spa, Auberge Resorts Collection, Connecticut

With its magnificent manicured gardens, lush interior, and star-studded chef, Mayflower Inn is your best bet for romantic relaxation. It’s located in the Connecticut countryside. You can enjoy body treatments, beauty services, fitness programs, personal care products, and all at Mayflower. The spa also offers hammam, holistic, and Eastern-inspired options for some wellness programs.

Ocean House, Rhode Island

No other spa embodies the personality and culture of New England quite like Ocean House. From its architecture to perfectly curated amenities, a spa-cation here won’t be forgotten quickly. And in case you didn’t know, Taylor Swift is a neighbor here. Prepare to indulge in deep tissue massages or guided sound baths. Once a month, the spa team hosts a Wellness Wednesday seminar to help guests enrich their wellness journey.


This family-owned retreat is on a mission to teach the traditions of Indian medicine, yoga, and meditation to support greater well-being. Situated in Vermont, Setu offers everything from meditation retreats to spa and massage treatments, Ayurvedic Indian health consultations, and sound meditation with pranayama. You’ll get to feed your body with Indian cuisine-inspired meals while enjoying the peace and luxury that comes with the retreat.

Twin Farms

The magic of this spa resort is best experienced in the winter. You can soothe your body with facials, a Himalayan saltstone massage, or the fireside ritual. You can also have fun with snowshoe trails, skiing, and ice skating. Where you’ll stay at Twin Farms further adds to the experience. Choose from suites, treehouses, and 10 standalone cottages outfitted with fireplaces, stone hot tubs, mid-century modern accents, and wood stoves.

Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort

You’ll find it here if you’re looking for traditional massages, facials, and a deeper dive into healing. Canyon Ranch offers Life Management programs, nutrition programs, metaphysical programs such as tarot and astrology, and personalized medical treatments. Whatever you choose, you’ll leave truly rested.