April Kirkwood Releases “Working My Way Back To Me”

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April Kirkwood is an author and therapist. An LPC alumnus from Youngstown State University, Kirkwood holds two masters degrees in both education and community mental health counseling. She has over twenty-five years in public education and in the mental health field working in inpatient and outpatient facilities both public and private, addiction centers and adult homeless centers. April worked as a teacher, guidance counselor, mental health counselor, social worker, and mentor for new teachers.

Today, April Kirkwood is a licensed professional therapist and counselor. She focuses on women’s mental health as well as on early childhood trauma, working with those who have experienced emotional abuse, molestation, addiction, and divorce.

In addition, April is a public speaker. Her second book, Working My Way Back To Me, just came out on September 1st.

In her new book, April describes her own experiences and challenges with the aim to help others. The author shares her #Me Too experience, focusing on the transformation from #MeToo to #NowME.

Big Girls Do Cry

Big Girls Do Cry

In her first book, Big Girls Do Cry, Kirkwood openly talks about her love affair with Frankie Valli, an American singer, and actor. April Kirkwood was a six-year-old girl and a huge fan of his band The Four Seasons when she met Valli. Her decades-long love affair with Valli began ten years after when she was just 16 years old. For the next two decades, April traveled with Frankie many times, often being mistaken as his wife. However, he would never marry her.

Kirkwood struggled with the singer’s rejection that affected her values, goals, and vision of what kind of man she needs to be happy. Her three-decade-long affair with Valli caused April to struggle with her adult relationships.

Through her books and her work today, April Kirkwood shares her insight about learned behaviors of desire and romance during critical adolescent times. The author believes that understanding these behaviors is the key to raising healthy daughters. Through her soul-searching journey, Kirkwood searches for answers to questions about misplaced love and dissatisfying romantic commitments.

Working My Way Back To Me

Working My Way Back To Me

Asked why she wrote this book, April explained that Working My Way Back To Me was her attempt to understand why any woman would waste her time loving anyone who did not love her back. Why women invest their time and energy in men who don’t have any desire to understand them and make them happy?

This autobiography is a stripped truth about events about the author’s childhood that she did not reveal in her first book.

Throughout her book, the author explains that she has no time or energy to spend on anger or resentments. She says, “I want to know love on every level and live it fully until I take my last breath.” According to her own words, through the process of writing this book, April grew, healed, and became passionate to help others heal from a trauma that keeps them from finding love.

With her new book, April wants to start a conversation about families and their effect on our adult romance.

April is available for coaching, keynote speaking, and book readings visit: http://aprilkirkwood.com

To purchase April’s books CLICK HERE.


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